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Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine In India

Best Front Loading Washing Machines in India

Fully automatic – as the name suggests does the washing for you with little to no manual work involved. It does however require a continuous supply of water, you need to connect your washing machine to a tap that can supply water continuously. Top loading fully automatic machines represent the mid range of the market whereas front loading fully automatic machines represent the high end industry standard. Whatever your budget, you are likely to find a fully automatic machine within your means. We do prefer fully automatic machines over semi automatic ones because of the better wash quality, so if you have the budget, go for a fully automatic one.

Onida WO60TSPLN1 5.8 kg

Onida wo60tspln1 review

This Onida model is a top-loading machine with a capacity of 5.8kg. The washing machine’s sleek grey body is accompanied by durable castor wheels, giving the machine enhanced portability. It also has slim dimensions of 52cm x 53cm by 90cm and weighs only 27kg, allowing for easy storage. This model comes with an anti-rust fiber body, as well as a stainless steel inner drum. Both these features extend the hardiness and durability of the product. Onida has built a reputation for manufacturing high quality home appliances and electronics at affordable costs. The Onida WO60TSPLN1 washing machine is one such product. Read Full Review…

IFB Eva Aqua VX 5.5 kg

IFB Eva Aqua VX - Expert Review

This fully automatic front-loading washing machine comes with 15 wash programs and an array of other outstanding features. The in-built Aqua filter treats hard water helping to improve not only the performance of the machine but also its lifespan by reducing scaling on the components of the machine. Eva Aqua VX washing machine comes with a four year warranty, a ten year spare parts support and many other support services like free Demonstration and installation. Read Full Review…

IFB Senator Aqua SX 8 kg

IFB Senator Aqua SX - Expert Review

This front loading washing machine has a washing capacity of eight kilograms which should be ideal even for large families. It is one of the pricier options and comes with a host of unique features along with a 4-year warranty. IFB as of writing this post is an Indian company and thus we expect good local customer service although the past buyer experiences in some parts of India have not been satisfactory. Having said that, this machine has many user-friendly features to make it a good purchase. Read Full Review…

Electrolux ET70ENERM 7 kg


It is an attractive washing machine which can look great in any home. It has lots of cycle options to meet your needs: there are 9 functions including gentle wash, quick wash, eco saver and express dry. The maximum capacity is 7kg and the water levels and spin length adjust to any sized load you need. This clever machine actually weighs the clothes and lets you know how much detergent you’ll need. It’s also very effective for more heavy duty loads and getting food and mud stains out of children’s clothing. Read Full Review…

Godrej WT 600C 6 kg


Young families and couples starting out should consider the Godrej WT top loader for their first washing machine. Clothes washing doesn’t need to be a science, or a complicated activity: you’ve got far better things to do with your time! Pop the clothes in the machine, select water level and wash cycle and press start. So simple, yet so effective. Rest in the knowledge that you are buying a trusted Indian brand. Read Full Review…

Summing Up:

Given the innumerable options in the market today it is quite difficult to choose the best fully automatic washing machine in India, we made the decision based on the buyer preferences and overall features provided by the machine. The machines on the list enjoy considerable customer patronage and provide good value for money. If you are looking for something cheaper you can go for a semi automatic; if you are looking for something more powerful choose a front loading machine.


  1. Jayesh v.parikh


    1. Shankar (Post author)

      The IFB DIVA retails for around 10-12k, but it is an old model and not in production as far as I know. Keeping the price in mind and depending on the working condition of your machine, you could hope to 10% off on your new purchase.

  2. Ans

    Buy a brand that has decent and responsive customer service support. IFB does not qualify from that angle. I have been using IFB for last 2 decades and bought two machines during this period. But their service response has gone horrible for the last one year or so. Make dozen calls and no hope of getting a technician to fix your issue. I have had terrible experiences with them. Please chose any brand, but not IFB.

    1. S (Post author)

      Sorry you had this terrible experience. Thanks for warning other buyers.

  3. Bijoy

    I am using BPL Automatic Machine for the past 11 years. No break down until now except the water feeder and drain hose breakage. Even though BPL is no more in the field, service agents are still trying to do the best. After sales support was the best by them. Now I am planning to buy another one…still have doubts, the major players like LG, IFB, Siemens..etc regarding the after sales support. Wish If BPL still around.


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