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best washing machine detergent in india


Most people think washing detergents are all the same except for price, and they choose one based on their own personal experience of using it, so when they find one that works, they tend to stick with it. We’re never likely to find out what detergents work for other people, because let face it, conversations about laundry detergents aren’t exactly common are they? Well, I do talk to people about laundry detergents because I find that sort of thing interesting, and I applied my little knowledge in this field to the detergents people recommended most. Ultimately I found out what are the best washing machine detergents in India. Unfortunately, there are not many options. liquid detergents are not yet popular here. Overall, these are the best you can buy in this part of the world.

Best Detergent For A Top Loading Washing Machine

1. Surf Excel Matic Top Load 2KG

Detergents are much more complex than they look, and the Surf Excel Matic has these tiny molecules which number in the trillions, and they all spread out quickly on fabric, working on any stain they find. Originally released in 2002, Surf Matic and it s little molecules, have been a huge hit because of the great results you get, and the top load formula is specifically designed to be low lather, to less bubbles and more cleanliness. You can rub it into stains, or just dump it into the washer letting Surf do the work for you; either way, customers are extremely happy thus far.

2. Ariel Matic Detergent Powder 2KG

This is another one designed to be used both for hand washing clothes, and for machine washing them. Speaking of machine washing, which would be the typical use of any detergent, these ‘Matics’, whether it be Surf or Ariel are so good, because you don’t see them inside the machine. If you don’t see them, the manufacturer doesn’t need to add extra compounds to increase suds, and in the place of sud compounds, all sorts of amazing enzymes can be put into the ‘matic’ detergent, for an outrageously good wash. Maybe you thought suds occurred naturally? No, soaps sud because they’re packed with compounds that make suds, but you wouldn’t use plain old soap to wash your clothes. You need a matic detergent which doesn’t sud but is jam packed with rich cleaning enzymes. The Arial Matic is the second best one on the market, marginally less powerful than the Surf.

Best Detergent For A Front Loading Washing Machine

Surf Excel Matic Front load 2KG

The front loading detergent is exactly the same as its top loading brother, except for the fact that front loaders need less water, so to create an acceptable level of rinse, they went further than most matics, by cutting out suds entirely. As a result of this, even more room was left for those stain fighting enzymes, making the Surf Matic Front loading Detergent, the strongest detergent out there. Those amazing molecules are still there, spreading around and attacking stains, except they’re a little faster now, and quite a bit more powerful.

Best Cheap Detergent For A Washing Machine

Rin Powder is the best known detergent in India, not only because of its quality results, but also because it’s so cheap. You only need a tiny amount to wash clothes in, so it lasts a very long time too. Rin is designed to be used for hand washing and machine washing; indeed many people will hand wash a tough stain using Rin, before machine washing the stain using their regular detergent. Rin really shows its quality when dealing with whites, such as those you might find on a work shirts, but it will also wash colours perfectly.

Summing Up:

Any one of these detergents would work incredibly well on any type of fabric, but of these, the Surf Excel stands out as the best. There’s really not that much difference between the top load matic, and the front load matic, and they really only beat out the Ariel by a very small margin. Make your choice from these three detergents, taking into consideration whether you have a front loader or a top loader, and you won’t go far wrong. For those on a limited Budget, Rin Powder is incredible for its price, and probably the best value detergent in the world.



  1. Aashif

    IFB Fluff is liquid detergent and it’s the best detergent I ever used. We can recommend this as the Best liquid detergent.

    1. S (Post author)

      Thanks for the advice.

  2. Rakesh Patel

    Surf Excel Matic Front Load powder samples came with my new samsung front load washing machine, is giving excellent quality wash. Your article is also very useful to people like me

  3. Lav

    Amway liquid detergent 5 ml per bucket wash,10 liter mater dissolving , amazing results

    1. Lav

      Mater = water


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