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Best Washing Machine In India Below Rs.20000/-

Best Washing Machine In India Below Rs 20000


I always advise buyers that washing machines are products people tend to over-pay for. It’s because they’re more complex than people think, and store staff will throw out jargon, to make it seem like they’re justified in charging high-prices. Fuzzy Logic, Sixth Sense, Force 4; these terms don’t mean much to most people, and while they’re found on some machines in the 20,000-30,000 Rupee price-range, you can also get these technology’s on machines costing less than 20,000 Rupee’s. Stores will also quote spin speeds, and capacity, to make you want to pay more, but spin speed only has nothing to do with wash quality and stores always try to sell you more capacity than you really need. Well, you’ve got me to help you now, and i’m going to be providing you with five machines costing less than 20,000 Rupees each, that I guarantee are good enough to wash perfectly the clothes of a whole family, with no problems. After you’ve read this, your going to stop looking at the 25,000 Rupee machine you where browsing, and buy one of these, using the money you saved to treat yourself. This is the Best Washing Machine in India Below Rs.20000 Review.


1. Whirlpool 702SD

Whirlpool 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WM PREMIER 702SD) Review

To start with, the Whirlpool 702SD has a capacity of 7KG, so for a two parent plus three children family, its drum is the perfect size. Although it’s a top loader, which means it’ll typically use more water than a front loader, the 702SD will save you money in the end, because it has Sixth Sense Technology inside. This is a computer system inside your machine, that will adjust water levels, detergent quantity, heat, and wash timing, depending on which fabric you’re using. Ultimately, it’ll find the most efficient way to wash every single type of fabric, thereby reducing your running costs consistently over time. Pretty clever don’t you think? Well, it gets better because there’s also 21 wash programs, so you can further adjust wash time, and wash method to cater even more for your individual needs. You can control the whole thing on an easy to use digital display panel too, so everything is at the touch of a button. All this, means the Whirlpool 702SD is the best washing machine in India under 20000 Rupee’s. Read Full Review…



2. Godrej Fully Automatic WT 620 CFS

Godrej 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WT 620 CFS) Review

While the Godrej at its 6.2KG capacity, has a smaller drum than the Whirlpool, it was a close race for 1st place, because 6.2KG is still enough capacity for a family, and the Godrej has Force 4. Force 4 Technology means the Godrej will clean clothes as good as any machine costing twice the price. Force 4 punches water through clothes in an up and down direction, perfectly combining with the back and forth motion of Godrej’s pulsator wash method, to create a 4 directional cleaning system that eradicates even the toughest stains. You can find this on machines costing between 20,000 and 30,000 Rupee’s, as store staff may have told you; but it’s also in the Godrej. The Godrej runs on a very low voltage so it’ll save you money, meaning it was a tough decision to put the Whirlpool at number 1, but Sixth Sense was the determining factor. Read Full Review…


3. Onida 6.2KG Fully Automatic WO62TSPLDD1

Onida 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WO62TSPLDD1) Review

The Onida doesn’t have the technology inside, that the other two machines possess, so it didn’t make the top two, but it does come in at a price of under 16,000 Rupees, so it’s very cheap. It’s also a very functional machine, with 14 great wash programs, so you’ll be able to set it, to deal efficiently with any fabric. Programs quick 23 and quick 25 are extra hard washes, and they do the job you get from the Force 4 Technology on the Godrej. The most important thing about the Onida though is that it only uses 370 Watts of power, meaning you’ll be paying just 7 Rupee’s per hour of use, giving it some of the cheapest running costs in the marketplace. It spins at 780RPM, has a good capacity of 6.2KG, and the pulsator wash method allows you to use the rinse hold function for storing clothes crease-free, while you leave the house. Not as good as the first two, but if you own one, you’ll have no complaints. Read Full Review…


4. IFB-TL-RDW 6.5KG Aqua Fully Automatic

IFB TL-RDW 6.5 kg Aqua Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

In at four is the Aqua 6.5KG, and the best thing about it is the 360 Watt power use, meaning it’s the cheapest of the top four to own. You’ll be spending less than 7 Rupees an hour, which is very impressive. Although there are only 6 wash programs, they’re all pretty good, and the deep clean program does the same thing as Force 4 Technology. At this point i’ll give you some advice: I mentioned in my introduction that store staff will quote names of technology at you, to try and get you to spend more than you should. They won’t tell you that there’s a cheaper machine with a wash program like deep clean, that does the same thing as Force 4 technology, for 10,000 Rupees less. This is because they make more money from the higher-priced items, so you should always ask about wash programs, otherwise you’ll miss an opportunity like the Aqua. The Aqua also has a digital control panel for ease of use, a 6.5kg capacity, a child lock, and uses the pulsator wash method, for a gentler wash in normal mode. All in all, it’s an excellent machine to own. Read Full Review…

5. Electrolux ET70ENERM


It is an attractive washing machine which can look great in any home. It has lots of cycle options to meet your needs: there are 9 functions including gentle wash, quick wash, eco saver and express dry. The maximum capacity is 7kg and the water levels and spin length adjust to any sized load you need. This clever machine actually weighs the clothes and lets you know how much detergent you’ll need. It’s also very effective for more heavy duty loads and getting food and mud stains out of children’s clothing. Read Full Review…


Summing Up:

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not impossible to find a washing machine for less than 20,000 Rupees that gets your clothes clean and has some advanced features. You will have seen some of the features I’ve discussed here, on machines at much higher prices than these. For example, take a look at our list of the best front loading washing machines. You will have also noticed that unlike higher-priced machines, these have really low running costs, and so they’re much more environmentally friendly. They all come at capacity’s large enough to clean the clothes of a whole family, and there’s some excellent wash programs that may have surprised some people. Any one of these would make a terrific purchase.



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