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Best Washing Machine in India Below Rs.30000


Not so long ago Washing Machines priced at less than 30000 Rupees would be pretty basic. But, the great thing about technology is that it’s very fluid and it moves extremely fast, so prices tend to move downwards quickly. These days you can get machines with some great special feature’s and good efficiency for a very reasonable price, so if you were considering paying more than 30000 Rupees for a Washing Machine then perhaps you should take a look at this list. I’m a Washing Machine expert and I’m giving you a run down of the five best options in India for below rs. 30000, and you may be suprised by what you see.


1. Whirlpool 8KG Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Bloom Wash 360 World Series 80H) 

Whirlpool 8 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The Whirlpool has an 8KG Capacity and even in a market full of great deals, this is a lot of capacity for under rs. 30000. The general rule with any machine is never to pack clothes too tightly so to get your actual capacity you take two-tenths of a Kilogram away from the max capacity. Thus the recommended Capacity here is 7.8KG, but you’d follow this rule with any machine so it’s still incredibly large. It’s also advanced in that it has Bloom Motion, which is the best basic wash on the market. Whirlpool invented Bloom Motion and at first they did a terrible job of explaining it when they labelled it a 360 degree wash. This led consumers to believe this had something to do with the Drum and many wondered what was so special because all Drums turn 360 degrees. Whirlpool quickly moved to end the confusion by explaining that they’d invented a Variator Plate that sits at the bottom of the machine and it throws clothes about in a circular motion, thus achieving a superior cleaning process. Bloom Motion is an incredible basic cleaning function and it’s so good that it might be the only cleaning option you need but Whirlpool have added a further 26 Wash Programs for you to choose from. There’s Quick-Wash programs, Intense Wash programs, programs for specific fabrics, energy saving programs and many more. There’s also an In-Built Heater which can be used in conjunction with the Intense Wash Programs, and this builds up heat inside the machine before spraying out detergent at high-speed onto tough stains. It’s very clever, as is the Sixth Sense Technology which strives to find the cheapest way to wash clothes based on your specific program selections. I suppose the only problem would be that the heater isn’t Ceramic so you’ll need to give this machine a good clean once a month, but it’s still the best Washing Machine in India for under rs. 30000. Read Full Review…


2. IFB 6.5KG Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Senorita Aqua VX) 

IFB Senorita Aqua VX Review

It was difficult to put a Washing Machine with 100 Wash Programs behind one with 26 programs, but at the end of the day it’s about quality and although 100 programs represents huge versatility, there’s about 36 you’ll actually use so the difference is not that much. That said, the 36 you’ll use are all excellent and offer the same types of options we discussed on the Whirlpool, including Intense and Quick-Wash, as well as programs for specific fabrics. So, there’s little to separate the Whirlpool and the IFB in terms of advanced wash options, but where the Whirlpool excels is in basic wash. Most people will fill up the machine, hit a button and start washing, which means most of the time they’ll be using the basic wash function. Bloom Motion on the Whirlpool is a little better and gets clothes a lot cleaner than the basic wash function on the IFB. The Whirlpool is also larger at an 8KG Capacity compared to the IFB’s 6.5KG, so it was Bloom Motion and Capacity that kept the IFB out of number 1. The IFB does however have something like Bloom Motion and it’s called 3D Wash. 3D Wash is what IFB labelled their Nozzled Water System which allows fast circulating water around the Drum, and it works great on tough stains. Just like Bloom Motion, you can also use 3D Wash in conjunction with the wash programs. A very narrow victory for the Whirlpool, but buyers could easily have the IFB as their number 1. Read Full Review…


3. Samsung 6KG Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WF600B0BHWQ) 

WF600U2BKWQ Front Loading with Digital Inverter Motor 6 kg

This was close because many of the feature’s here are better than even our number 1, the Whirlpool. For example the Samsung is Front Loading which not only means you can stack a dryer on top, but it also means you save money on water, because with the Drum being set horizontally you don’t need to completely immerse clothes in water for them to be well washed. In fact you only need clothes to be one third covered by water here, so you save a lot of money. The Samsung also has a Ceramic Heater that prevent calcium build-ups so you don’t need to clean it as much for it to be durable. Despite these excellent inclusions, the Samsung still has only a 6KG Capacity compared to the Whirlpools 8KG and the IFB’s 6.5KG, and there are only 12 Wash Programs compared to the 26 on the Whirlpool and 100 on the IFB, so there’s not as much versatility and space. But, it is still large enough for a family and the 12 Wash Programs it does have are all very good, so this was close but I couldn’t put it any higher than number 3. Read Full Review…


4. Bosch 7KG Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK20160IN) 

Bosch WAK20160IN Washing Machine Review

Many people might disagree with the Bosch being placed so low on the list and I agree that there are circumstances where it could be many peoples number 1. For example it has a Monsoon Wash Program that drains all the moisture from clothing and this is probably the best program on the market for Monsoon Condiitons. And, it also has a 7KG Capacity which is more than the IFB or the Samsung and only slightly less than the Whirlpool. Unlike most Front Loaders it allows you to open up the door midway through the wash, if you notice you put something in that you shouldn’t have, or if your husband left his keys in his pocket as I often do. But, when you’re creating a list like this where all the machines are great ones, you have make tough decisions and the wash programs here are much more general than those in the top three. There aren’t many specific fabric modes so you get just the Basic, Intense and Quick Wash functions. Also, you get something near what is being offered with the Monsoon Wash, in the more Intense programs of the top three, so it’s not entirely original. The Daily Wash program is pretty good and will leave buyers satisfied, but it’s not as good as the basic wash programs we’ve already discussed. There’s not a lot separating the top five here, and the drainage system is designed very well on the Bosch so it’ll save you money on drying. Reluctantly I placed it at number 4. Read Full Review…


5. LG 6KG Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (F1091NDL2) 

LG F1091NDL2 6 kg Review

The LG is a good all-round machine but while it has everything you’d expect on a Washing Machine, it’s all just slightly below the standard set by the top 4. But, it’s still an excellent machine and is the fifth best Washing Machine below 30000 in India. First the great news: it has a massive 19 hour Time Delay, which means if you set it before you go to sleep, it can start washing for you at whatever time on the next night you want it too. This will prove highly convenient for a lot of buyers and if you need to go somewhere there’s a rinse-hold function that will hold washing in the last rinse ready for you to take it out when you get back. Convenience is the main selling point of this machine, so if these features appeal to you, then it’s definitely worth a purchase because it will wash clothes very well. However, their aren’t many Wash Programs and the Intense Wash feature will struggle with really tough stains, so if your children play sports you’ll probably want to give this one a miss. It is well-designed and it’s a tough, durable 6KG machine that will serve you well, but despite an excellent Smart Diagnosis Feature that saves buyers money, it could rise no further than number 5 on the list. Read Full Review…


Summing Up:

The race for the top 2 was very tight, but the Whirlpools Capacity and its Bloom Motion Wash separated it from the IFB; but if you chose either of these machines you’ll be suprised at what you got for under rs. 30000. For those particularly distressed during Monsoon Season, I’d go for the Bosch because it does slightly more than the Intense Wash Programs on the other machines when it comes to draining moisture from fabric. If you’re the kind of buyer who wants something that’s easy to operate and has ease of use in mind, then choose the LG. On the other hand if durability is what you need then the Ceramic Heater on the Samsung will prevent Calcium build-ups and allow the machine to maintain itself over time. Any of these will prove a shrewd purchase, and if you’ve recognized that you don’t need to spend as much as you used to on a washing machine in 2016, then you’re already amongst the shrewdest buyers in India. Thank you for reading.



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    whirlpool 11kg bloom wash machine is a very good washing machine for family use because of its unique capacity and ruggedness! it is worth the investment..


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