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Best Top Loading Washing Machine In India 2015-16

Best Top Loading Washing Machine In India

Recent research suggests that people from the north of India prefer top loading washing machines whereas people from the south of India prefer front loading ones (source). We already have an article discussing the best front loading washing machines in India and as we did not want the Northerners to feel left out, here’s an article discussing the best top loading washing machines in India:

1. LG T72CMG22P:

LG T72CMG22P Top-loading Washing Machine Review

The LG T72CMG22P is a fully automatic top loading washing machine that is quite easy to use and makes washing really convenient for you. It uses the three pulsator technology which is best known for generating micro-currents that drive the water vertically into your clothing ensuring the detergents gets to the fibers of your clothing and that your washing comes out spectacularly clean. It has a washing capacity of 6.2 kgs and is fuzzy logic enabled with a digital display. Its dimensions are 54 cm x 85 cm x 54 cm and will thus occupy minimal space in your laundry room. Read Full Review…

2.Onida WO60TSPLN1: 

Onida wo60tspln1 review

This Onida model is a top-loading machine with a capacity of 5.8kg. The washing machine’s sleek grey body is accompanied by durable castor wheels, giving the machine enhanced portability. It has a simple, free-standing installation design and comes with a standard air dryer. The machine is also energy efficient and delivers powerful cleaning on a mere 325W of power. A combination of these designs really makes Onida wo60tspln1 a superior product in its category. Read Full Review…

3. Electrolux ET70ENERM:


It is an attractive washing machine which can look great in any home. It has lots of cycle options to meet your needs: there are 9 functions including gentle wash, quick wash, eco saver and express dry. The maximum capacity is 7kg and the water levels and spin length adjust to any sized load you need. This clever machine actually weighs the clothes and lets you know how much detergent you’ll need. It’s also very effective for more heavy duty loads and getting food and mud stains out of children’s clothing. Read Full Review…

4. Samsung WA62H4200HB: 

Samsung WA62H4200HB Washing Machine Review

This is a 6.2 kg capacity, fully automatic, top loading machine that is incorporated with the Wobble Technology that maintains the fabric of clothes while eliminating dirt more effectively. It also comes with the 3D Dynamic Wash system that makes it extremely energy efficient and also drastically reduces water consumption. The machine is very easy to operate and come with the button panel on the top which is raised for easy access. It comes with the standard Power, Start//Pause, Wash, Rinse and Spin buttons and a small LED that displays the time remaining. Read Full Review…

5. Godrej WT 600c:


Young families and couples starting out should consider the Godrej WT top loader for their first washing machine. The simple functionality of this machine makes it ideal for people with busy lifestyles. Its job is to clean clothes and it does that very effectively without fuss or frills. Inner city dwellers looking for a machine that can be shifted into upstairs apartments and take up a relatively small space should consider this model. Its dimensions are 90.4cm (height) x 56cm (width) x 55.5cm (depth). It weighs 29.5 kg. It is an attractive “silky grey” color. Read Full Review…

Summing Up:

The best top loading washing machine in India will probably be a personal choice,  our list compiles the washing machines with the best overall features.
What do you think of this list? Have you purchased any of the machines or know someone who has? Do share your views and let us know if this article helped.


  1. Krishna murthy

    Which is the best top load are front load

  2. CD

    Hi, Can u Pls help in suggesting a best fully automatic washing machine with beat features within 15K for a family of 5 members ? Am a bit confused.

  3. Rita

    Hi. Can u pls suggest whether Lloyd fully automatic washing machine are worth buying? Pls response soon

  4. Jessy

    Hi..can u please suggest me…top load fully automatic machines having best washing quality under 15-20k.

  5. Sanjeev

    Can any one suggest about the after sales & service of Whirpool washing machine. Also specific user experience of Whirpool WM 702SD washing machine.

  6. Nishant

    Which is better electrolux et70 enerm , electroux et70rnprm or panasonic f70G6.

  7. Nishant

    Which is better electrolux et70 enerm , electroux et70renprm or panasonic f70G6.


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