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Bosch WAB20267IN Front Loading Washing Machine Review

Bosch WAB20267IN review

Everybody knows how to buy a Washing Machine. If you are looking for a buying guide, look here.  If you want to get the best wash possible for your clothes and maybe save a little money, then there are some pieces of information you need to know. This is why during the course of all my reviews I like to explain the terminology manufacturers use. So that you can make a better buying choice, even if the Washing Machine being reviewed isn’t for you. I checked out the Bosch WAB20267IN Fully Automatic washing machine today, it’s a pretty impressive and has some excellent features. Read on to find out:

Bosch 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAB20267IN, Silver Inox)

by Bosch [Bosch]
Rank/Rating: 99273/-
Price: INR 27,699.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-06-22 10:13:07


  • Front Loading
  • Fully Automatic
  • ActiveWater Plus
  • Fast Washing and Drying Times
  • Anti-Rat Mesh
  • 800-1000RPM’s


  • 6KG Capacity

Front Loading

Front loaders tend to cost more than Top Loaders but there is less bending and stretching with the lid being on the front. Front Loaders also use less water so they save you money in the long term. You cannot however put more clothes in mid-wash, as you can with Top Loaders.

Fully Automatic

Look for this if you want ease of use. Fully Automatics do everything for you. So there’s no need to add water to the Tub before you start the wash. There’s also no need to move clothes between Tubs because one Tub does both the washing and the drying. In other words, you don’t need to be there. You can just set your program and leave. Fully Automatics are also more water efficient and with this being also a Front Loader, it’ll be amongst the most water efficient Washing Machines around. It should be noted though, that Fully automatics cost more to repair than Semi-Automatics.


The capacity here is 6KG. This means that if you have a family of 4 you may need to do two loads to get the whole wash done. If you have less people than that at home, then you’ll be fine doing just one load.

Spin Speed

This is something many buyers don’t take into account, but it’s very important. The Spin Speed quoted on a Washing machine refers to the maximum speed that the Drum will rotate at. It’ll usually only get to this speed if you’ve selected a tough wash program. For other, less harsh programs the speed will be less because the wash you need is gentler. The Bosch spins at between 800 and 1000RPM’s with the maximum on the market for an affordable price being 1000RPM’s. So you’ll get a thorough wash here and also at the higher spin speeds, both washing and drying time will be reduced.

Anti-Rat Mesh

Not very scientific but this does solve a problem experienced by many users. That of Rats getting into the Machine eating various parts. The Rat Mesh here is placed on all openings into the machine so no Rats can get in.

ActiveWater Plus

Think of this as a little brain inside your machine. It’ll sense the amount of clothes you have in the Drum. And, then it’ll adjust the amount of water and electricity it uses to get the most efficient wash. It’s not as good as Fuzzy Logic, which does the same thing but saves you more money. It is however a welcome inclusion. I’d have liked to see Fuzzy Logic but with this machine also being Front Loading and Fully-Automatic, you’ll already have good efficiency.

Bosch WAB20267IN review

User Experience

Don’t fill this or any other machine too high. Usually we say take off 2 tenths. So a 6KG machine would hold 5.8KG of clothes. Filling machines too high can damage clothes even if you have a gentle program set.

Being Full-Automatic you don’t have to be there during the wash. You do however need to be there at the end. Why? Because this model doesn’t have Rinse Hold. Rinse Hold allows you to hold washing in the Tub, just before the final rinse, while you leave the house. When you get back it’ll rinse and then dry. With it not being present, you’ll have to be there, otherwise your machine will reach the end of its wash and dry cycle, and your clothes will just be sitting there inside the machine. This can cause build-ups of bacteria and mildew.


It could have had Fuzzy Logic. It could also have had a larger capacity. But what it does have is some excellent features. It’s Fully Automatic, so you don’t have to do anything like add water or drain. It’ll also be more water efficient, so it’ll save you money. As a Front Loader it’ll naturally use less water than Top Loaders do, so that increases the efficiency even more. The Anti-Rat Mesh will prolong the life of the machine and the Spin Speed will ensure a tough even wash to clean any item of clothing. Having a spin Speed like this will also reduce washing and drying times. Nothing majorly flashy here. It’s just a very well designed machine that’ll get the job done to a high standard.

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