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Bosch WAK24168IN Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine (7 Kg, Grey) Review

 Bosch WAK24168IN Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine (7 Kg, Grey) (106077)Bosch have their own ways of doing things. This comes from the fact that they haven’t been making Washing Machines for all that long. So they have their own style, and their own technology’s many of which will be unfamiliar to new buyers. They’ve made a series of great Washing Machines and a few bad ones. But, on the whole they’ve done rather well for themselves creating reliable, quality designs. I wanted to see if the WAK24168IN Fully-automatic Front -loading Washing Machine (7 kg, Grey) was up to previous standards, or whether it was one of those lacklustre days at the office for Bosch. You can find out the answers here.

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK24168IN, Silver)

by Bosch [Bosch]
Rank/Rating: 201/-
Price: INR 47,799.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-07-17 04:04:16


  • Capacity
  • Fully Automatic
  • Reload
  • Great Spin Speed
  • Monsoon Wash
  • Active Water
  • Speed Perfect



  • Noisy


Special Features


You’d probably get the washing of five people done in this machine because unlike on previous models they’ve extended the Capacity out to 7kg. Any more than that and you’d be struggling for space, so for larger families I wouldn’t recommend this. For families of five or less people i’d strongly recommend it.


Fully Automatic

With Fully Automatic you pay a little more but you get more as well, and you’ll have you ask yourself if that’s worth it. What you get is no hassle. No filling the machine, no draining, no moving between Tubs. You also get a better wash and there’s Auto-Resume for after a power failure. They save time, but they’re more expensive to buy and repair. All you need to do is set the program and you can go do something else. Is this worth paying more than for a Semi-Automatic? You decide.


Spin Speed

The Spin Speed at its maximum is 1200rpms and that is really fast. So, you’ll get faster drying and faster washing. It’ll function at 1200rpm’s when you’re using the Kidswear programme which is the toughest wash it has, for harsh stains on kids clothes. You know, the stains you almost cry over when you see them coming in. On other programmes like Gentle Wash you’ll get less speed for a lighter wash.


Monsoon Wash

Monsoon is a Wash Programme that deserves a paragraph of its own. It’s for when you’ve been out during Monsoon Season and you’re wet through. Your clothes don’t necessarily need a good clean because they’re not stained, but what they do need is a light wash and an excellent dry leaving them smelling exceptionally again. This is the job of Monsoon Wash and it works very well.bosch-wak24168in-fully-automatic-front-loading-washing-machine


Active Water

This is like Fuzzy Logic in that it’s a little computer you have in your machine that will weigh clothes. Upon assessing weight it will then assess the minimum amount of water and detergent needed for the best possible wash. It’s for when you’re not sure which programme to select and you need something to tell you what’s the most efficient option. It’s about as good as Fuzzy Logic so it will save you money but bare in mind it doesn’t assess toughness of stains. So when you have really tough stains, use KidsWear.


Speed Perfect

This is for when you have no time at all and you just want clothes washed and smelling good. Speed Perfect will take around 65% off the timer for a wash and dry. It’ll do this by completing every cycle but spending less time on each. So you’re not getting the absolute best wash that you’d get from using one of the other programmes or Active Water. But, you are getting a quick wash.



This is something you see on most Bosch Front Loading machines. You usually can’t put clothes into Front Loaders once the machine has started, however on this you can. Very early in the cycle, so not at any time like on a Top Loader, but this is still a great inclusion. Just push the reload button and the door will open.


User Experience

Just like with the WAK242 the noise levels here are 55DB which is quite loud but not overly so. They have designed the WAK241 so that it doesn’t vibrate nearly as much but it’s still far from quite, so you may not want to be doing washing while you’re asleep. But they did think of a solution to this. They’ve included the Super 15/30 programme which will allow you to wash and dry clothes in 15 to 30 minutes. So, if you where in a rush you could take this option and not have to do washing while you’re in bed

Another thing worth a mention is that the WAK241 is one of only a few Washing Machines to be certified by the European Centre of Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) This certification was for it’s Hygiene Wash option. Hygiene Wash sprays off all the detergent left on clothes so you don’t get detergent stains. It’s comparable to the Jet Spray option you might find on LG’s machines.


The Wash Programs and the Wash Method are incredibly good. Speed Perfect is great for quick washing, Hygiene is great for less Detergent Stains, Kidswear works on tough stains, and Monsoon offers users something different which might be hugely beneficial. The machines Fully Automatic nature means you don’t have to do anything but set the program and come back later to collect your laundry. So you have everything you need here except for quietness. The WAK241 can be noisy so bare that in mind. Other than this there are no major problems and Active Water makes the machine efficient too. Definately worth a purchase.

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