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Bosch WAK24268IN Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine (7 Kg , silvergrey ) Review

If you’ve got tools at home you’ll be very familiar with Bosch as a brand name. Well, not so long ago they ventured into Washing Machine manufacture and did rather well. They had a series of highly successful models with a few failures along the way, but overall i’d say they’re one of the foremost designers of Washing Machines around. Which is why I was called upon to do a review of the Bosch WAK24268IN Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine (7 Kg, silver/grey). So how did it perform? Is it good? Should you buy it? Or is it one you might regret purchasing? You’ll find out here.

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK24268IN, silver/grey)

by Bosch [Bosch]
Rank/Rating: 397/-
Price: INR 49,999.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-07-18 03:24:02


  • Fully Automatic
  • Front Loading
  • Active Water
  • 10 Wash Programs
  • Great Capacity
  • 1200rpm Spin Speed
  • Reload Option


  • Noisy


Special Features


It’s a good Capacity and 7kg will be enough for a family of five to get all of their washing done without having to do two loads. If you have more people than that, then you may want another machine.


Spin Speed

Spin Speed is the speed at which your Drum will rotate every minute and this machine does 1200rpms. This is incredibly fast so you’re drying will be especially quick but it will make the speed of the whole process faster. It also helps with stains because the speed at which water comes into contact with your laundry will be increased.


Wash Programs

You get 10 Wash Programs in total with the best of these being Monsoon. It’s great because you don’t see programs like this that often on Washing Machines and Monsoon Season is a big problem for many people in India. It’s for when you enter the house and you’re wet and in need of freshened up clothes immediately. It’ll give them a good soak and dry with the drying process decreased by 10%. This machine is built for speed and the last thing you want to do in those emergency circumstances is to hang around while wet clothes get a good freshen up. Very fast and the results are excellent.

There’s also Super Quick 15 which is an incredibly quick 15 minute wash and dry for clothes that are lightly stained and just need a quick run through your machine. You also get Delicate Wash, Wool, Synthetics and Kidswear. Kidswear is the heaviest wash program for those days when the kids come in and they’ve got dirt all over them. Speed will be turned up to max and the Pulsators will work overtime getting those stains out.


Fully Automatic

Fully Automatics are easier to use than Semi Automatics because you don’t have to do anything. You don’t even need to be there while the washing is in cycle. 1 Tub is used for both washing and drying, so you’ve no need to change Tubs. There’s no filling and no turning off the Tap. They’re more expensive to repair so buyers should bare that in mind. They should also bare in mind that reasonable eyesight will be needed to operate the digital display Fully Automatics use to enable you to control the machine. But, Fully Automatics are faster and all you need to do is set the program and let your machine do all the work for you.


Front Loading


Front Loading machines require less space because they can be stacked. They’re also easier to unload because you’re not reaching down into the Drum to retrieve bits of laundry at the bottom. They cost more than Top Loaders so you’re into a different price band here but they’re also more energy efficient so they cost less to run. Unlike with Top Loaders you won’t be able to place clothes into the unit mid-way through the wash cycle, but see below for Bosch’ partial solution to this common problem with Front Loaders.


Reload Wash option

Although you can’t put more laundry in at almost any point, as you can with a Top Loader. You can open the lid and place more laundry in very early on in the process. So if you forgot something, unlike with other Front Loaders, you can just toss it in.


Active Water

Your machine will weigh the clothes you have in the Drum and reduce the amount of water to the absolute least needed to do that particular wash. So it’s a money saving inclusion and it works well. It’ll also clean the inside tubes so that they’re free from Bacteria and dirt thus extending the life of your machine.


User Experience

Users who do laundry regularly at night should be aware of the 55DB noise levels. Although the Drum is made to vibrate less than rival models, it’s still noisy. While it won’t disturb you watching TV, you may have trouble sleeping in the silence of night. If you are in a rush at night and want to do washing before bed I suggest you use the Speed Perfect rather than going to sleep with the washer on. Speed Perfect reduces wash time by 65%. It does this by increasing speed on all stages of the wash, so rest assured you’re not missing out stages and everything will be washed well.

The Bosch is ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) certified and it’s the first Washing Machine they’ve ever certified. The particular programme they issued this certification for was Hygiene Fresh because this programme guarantees to wash out all detergents. Detergent left on clothes can set off allergy’s easily, so many buyers who suffer from seasonal colds and blockages might like this feature. I suggest allergy sufferers use Hygiene Wash, as they’re main wash program.



There’s some nice features here that are geared towards speed. Being Fully Automatic, Front loading and having 1200rpm’s with Speed Perfect added just for good measure, Bosch where selling to young people and hard workers who value their time. They did well. You can literally come home from work, throw your clothes in, and turn on Speed Perfect and have the whole load done in 15 minutes. The Monsoon feature is excellent and was much needed by many people who struggle to cope at that time of year. It’s a touch of quality that I wasn’t expecting and it really justify’s the price. Kidswear is great for tough stains, Hygiene Wash is good for Allergy’s and Active Water makes the Bosch efficient. So the only question you should ask yourself is can you put up with the 55DB noise?


  1. Kunal

    Thanks for the great review. I recently purchased this machine; but a little confused on the use of the multiple wash programs – like for example; when should i prefer speed perfect/ eco perfect over a normal wash program (cotton/ daily wash)?

  2. Dixon

    I heard that some front loading washing machine like bosh need specific brand ,detergent powder (high cost washing powder)to use with.Otherwise machine would be damaged and warranty will be void..Is this true?Can we use any detergent powder , in front and top loading washing machines?

    1. S (Post author)

      I don’t know about guarantee being void, but there are different detergent powders for front and top load washing machines. One must prefer a low sud and low lather detergent for front loads. You can read more about it here: http://www.bestmachinereviews.com/best-in-india/best-washing-machine-detergent-india/

  3. Sibi Mathen

    What’s is the water temperature range? Cos there is no mention of how hot the water can get.


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