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IFB TL-RDW 6.5 kg Aqua Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

IFB TL-RDW 6.5 kg Aqua Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

Most people don’t think they can purchase a good washing machine for less than 17,000 Rupees; This is because it’s not in a stores interest to sell you one. They’ll push the higher-priced, higher profit items, over low-priced machines that do the same job, which is not entirely honest, but they have to make money. So I thought I’d even the playing field by picking out a low priced machine, and giving you my honest opinion about what it actually does. Also, here is a list of the best washing machines in India below Rs.20000. In this article though, I’ll go through the things this washing machine does well, but I’ll also tell you its flaws, so you can make a decision for yourself. This is the IFB TL-RDW 6.5KG Aqua Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review.

IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (TL-RDW 6.5kg Aqua, Ivory White)

by IFB [IFB]
Rank/Rating: 360/-
Price: INR 16,800.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-07-17 17:31:27


  • 6.5KG Capacity
  • 720RPM’s
  • Fully Automatic
  • Digital Control Panel
  • 360 Watts
  • Pulsator Wash


  •  Only 6 Wash Programs

IFB TL-RDW Main Features:



Stores often quote the huge power of expensive machines, but lots of power doesn’t necessarily mean a better wash, and it definitely costs buyers money. You’ll find many low-priced washers like the Aqua have between 300 and 400 Watts of power, meaning you’ll only be spending around 7 Rupees per hour of use. So, the price becomes better with every year you own it, because you’re saving money.


I wouldn’t recommend a machine with a capacity in excess of 7KG, to anyone with a regular sized family; only those with large family’s need them. The Aqua therefore has a perfectly acceptable 6.5KG of capacity, making it perfect for most people, and at a much lower price than many larger capacity machines. Stores will tend to push you towards the 10KG machines, but honestly, you won’t need that big of a drum.

Wash Program

You might find as many as 30 programs on some machines, so at 6 programs the Aqua is certainly a trimmed down lower priced alternative. Hey, costs have to be cut somewhere right? So, what you’re not going to get is a program for every fabric, along with a string of other wash choices. But, you do get 6 good programs: Smart Sense, Deep Clean, Express Wash, Aqua Conserve, Fabric Friendly and Tub Clean. Express wash is a fast wash program, Fabric friendly is best for delicates, Deep Clean is a tough wash for clothes with heavy stains, and Aqua Conserve is an energy efficient wash; so there are still options, just not as many, for not as much money.

Pulsator Wash

The Aqua is a pulsator. whereas most top loaders are agitators; this means that it uses pulses of water shooting through clothes, rather than the shuffling motion of agitators. There isn’t much difference between the two, and the fact that this is a pulsator means you might get a gentler wash, because agitators tend to roughly throw clothes about. But, to say one is better than the other, would be a mistruth.

Digital Control Panel

You used to have to use a dial to switch to different functions, which could be confusing, but now we’re mostly seeing LED displays on washing machines. The LED display on the Aqua is quite a good one that contains a highly visible start/Stop button and a pause button, as well as buttons for the various wash programs available on the Aqua.


IFB TL-RDW User Experience:

A piece of useful advice, considering pulsators offer a slightly gentler wash than agitators, is to turn on the deep clean function if you feel your wash is too gentle. Deep Clean will crank up the RPM’s (revolutions per minute) of the drum, and pulse water through faster. This feature should also be used to eradicate deep stains in fabric.

The fast wash program, conserves time by missing out certain stages of the wash cycle. The Aqua will typically go through 7 stages in a wash, finishing with the final rinse, for a perfect wash, so if you choose this option, clothes may not be cleaned as well; It is however very fast.

Since this is a pulsator, I wouldn’t recommend you use the rinse hold option, so you’re not going to be able to leave the machine mid-wash, while you go to work or on an errand. There is however a child lock, soak and spray, and an excellent tub clean option for extra hygiene. In the absence of a lent filter, tub clean will wash any dirt away from the surface of the drum, so that your clothes don’t collect it up in the next wash. I would however recommend the use of scale removers to further rid your drum of any lingering deposits, indeed I’d recommend this practise for use on any machine.

Final Thoughts:

I can’t recommend the pulsator wash method over the agitator, and the Aqua only has 6 wash programs, but it represents very good value, with excellent inclusions everywhere else. The LED display is visible and allows you to control all of the wash programs at the touch of a button, while the 6.5KG capacity is enough for a family, at 370 Watts it will save you money, and there is a deep clean mode, for tough stains. There’s nothing amazing here, but it’ll do the job well, for a lot less money than many other machines.

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