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Godrej GWF 650 FC Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (6.5 Kg, Carmine Red) Review

godrej-gwf-650-fc-fully-automatic-top-loading-washing-machine-6-5-kg-carmine-redGodrej are very well-known and they have a wide variety of quality products people tend to like. But you already know that right? What you want to know is whether this particular model is worth buying, or whether you should let it pass. Well, your wish is my command. In this Godrej GWF 650 FC Fully-automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine (6.5 Kg, Carmine Red) review i’ll be piecing together its specifications and explaining them to you, so you’ll understand what it does and how it does it. Then you’ll be able to decide if you need it or not.

Godrej GWF 650 FC Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (6.5 Kg, Carmine Red)

by Godrej [Godrej]
Rank/Rating: 94541/-
Price: INR 19,200.00

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  • Capacity
  • Pulsation
  • Adequate Spin Speed
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Fully Automatic



  • 8 Wash Programs


Special Features


The Capacity here is 6.5kg and this means that the Drum is large enough to hold 6.5kg of clothing. Usually we say 6kg is enough for a family or four, so 6.5kg opens the door to families of five and thus opens the door to more people. Any more than five and you may have to do two washes. So ask yourself how many people you’ll expect to be washing for.


Wash Method

The Wash Method is Pulsator wash and that’s because your machine will introduce high speed pulses of water into the Drum while the wash cycle commences. It will use these pulses to clean your clothes in the way an Agitator would. Pulses of water however are much less intrusive, so it’ll be a gentler wash than you’d get with an Agitator. It’ll also produce less damage than you’d get on machines with Agitators present.


Wash Programs

There are a total of 8 Wash Programs so not as many as on some machines. On some models you can get as many as 30 wash programs so most of the fabric specific programs have been excluded. The ones you’ll use most are: Wool, Fuzzy, Favorite, Gentle, Normal and Strong. You’ll need the strong programme a lot with this machine being a pulsator. You can also use these programs in conjunction with a variety of water levels. There are 4 water level adjustments you can make and generally the higher the water the tougher the wash. Take some time getting used to what works for you.


Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic will not be able to detect specific stains or their strength but it is a mini-computer that assesses the most efficient wash based on the weight of the clothes inside. So you can use it to have a hassle free clothes wash. Just turn on the Fuzzy Logic and your entire wash and dry process will be completed in the most cost-effective way by the machine.


Fully Automatic

Another ease of operation feature; whenever you see Fuzzy Logic and Fully Automatic on one machine it’s going to be one that is easy to use. Fully Automatic means that your machine will do everything for you. From draining, to washing, to drying, to turning off the Tap. All you need to do is set the program. There’s one Tub so you won’t even need to change Tubs before drying.


Spin Speed

The Spin Speed is only 700rpm’s here. Slightly low so drying will take longer and you should ask yourself if this is ok. You may prefer a faster machine at around 1000rpm’s. Spin Speed or lack there of, is usually associated with gentler washing, but given that the Strong Wash program is very good on the Godrej, the Spin Speed doesn’t necessarily result in gentleness. It can if you want it too. If you chose Normal Wash then it would be incredibly gentle, so there’s room to fiddle around. And, it’s probably best to experiment with this machine.


User Experience

You probably won’t end up using all of the Wash Programs but don’t forget to save your favourite combinations of water-level and program onto the internal memory. Go through Wash Programs and push the Favorites button. From there you’ll be asked to log in and save.

Here’s a hidden secret. Choose the highest water level in combination with the Strong Wash Program and you’ll get a strength of wash comparible to that of an Agitator wash. This is some advice you can use in future when seeking out Washing Machines. Pulsators without water control are much gentler than Agitators, but if you find one with water level control you can use it to create a washing environment as tough as Agitation but without the damage to clothing associated with some tough Agitator machines



I like that you can choose how you want to wash your clothes by utilizing the Wash Programs, Fuzzy Logic and Water Level Control, Washes can range from gentle to tough depending on the options you need for specific stains, whereas on most Pulsators, there’s more of a gentle to moderate washing choice. So what i’m saying is there’s room for manoeuvre; you can personalise your wash. That has to be an extremely positive point. There’s also relatively little hassle with Fuzzy Logic and its Fully Automatic nature. The Capacity is pretty good too so if you have a family of five people or less i’d say Godrej have made an excellent model.

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