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LG P8539R3SM Semi-automatic Washing Machine (7.5 Kg, Dark Grey) Review

lg-p8539r3sm-semi-automatic-washing-machine-7-5-kg-dark-grey-2I was slightly surprised when LG announced that they’d made a Semi Automatic Washing Machine, because they don’t have many of these in their range. But, they where very optimistic about their new model and seemed to be confident that it was one of the best they’d ever produced. Semi’s require more work but tend to cost much less than Fully Automatics and this is why they’re still very popular. And, when I saw the price I was very impressed because at around 12500 Rupees it’s incredibly cheap for a washer. I wanted to see for myself what features it had to find out why LG where boasting about its winning potential. Was it something special as LG said? Or did they go in different direction and end up getting lost? Find out here in the LG P8539R3SM Semi-automatic Washing Machine (7.5 Kg, Dark Grey) review.


LG 7.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P8539R3SM, Dark Grey)

by LG [LG]
Rank/Rating: 140700/-
Price: INR 13,540.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-07-16 19:12:40


  • Roller Jet + Punch 3
  • Good Capacity
  • Rat Away Technology
  • Magic Wheels
  • Great Spin Speed
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Wind Jet Technology-Driven Drier



  • 4 Wash Programs

Special Feature’s

Roller Jet Pulsator + Punch 3

Why do manufacturers always write things in the most complex ways? On their website, LG have listed the Roller Jet Pulsator and Punch 3 as two separate features but they’re really part of the same mechanism. Then again, if manufacturers learned to write in a way that explains features in simple and accessible ways, I’d be out of my reviewing job so thank you LG.
Punch 3 is the design of the Pulsator technology. It’s circular and it has one main pulsator with three smaller pulsators all washing clothes by forcing water into the drum at high speed. Also on the circular design are 3 Rollers which will create friction when they come into contact with your clothes. Hence the term Roller Jet Pulsator. The result of all this is that you get a less gentle wash than on most pulsators, which is a good thing because these types of Washing Machines are often far too gentle to deal with really tough stains. Great inclusion. You get the strength of Agitation without the potential damage to clothes.


Rat Away Technology

What could this be? Well, even in clean houses Rats sometimes get in and they have a tendency to get on the inside of Washing Machines. You wouldn’t believe how much damage is done on a yearly basis to the inner workings of Washing Machines by Rat’s. You’re going to laugh when I tell you what this technology consists of. Its a plastic cover with Rat Repellent on it, placed over all the vital parts. So not exactly a technology, but it is good, it will save you money and lets face it LG had to call it something.


Magic Wheels

Not fans of under-selling LG have gushingly called their wheels ‘magic’. While there’s nothing magical about them, they do solve a huge problem associated with Washing Machines and that is moving them. It can be and often is back breaking work but LG have installed some amazing little wheels that pivot and turn easily so you can literally push this machine any where you like.



They’ve provided a 7.5kg Drum Capacity here so it’ll be good for the washing of a family of 6 people. This is excellent especially with the price being only 12500 Rupee’s. Capacity range from 5-12kgs but you don’t often see 7.5kg for anything near this price.


Spin Speed

The Spin Speed is the amount of revolutions per minute your machine will make. It ultimately determines washing and drying, with the highest speed available for under 20,000 being 1000rpm. This LG has a Spin Speed of 740rpm, so not touching the max, but its still rather good. Washing and Drying would usually be longer that if you had a 1000rpm machine but not in this case because being a Top Loader and having a Pulsator design like this, there’ll be no difference.


Wind Jet Technology-Driven Drier

LG love high-brow technical names but as with the Rat Away Technology the reality is much simpler. Not only is it simple, but like Rat Away it’s also a great inclusion that LG should be proud of. They’ve put a few fans inside your machine that will blow wind out into the Drum when you’re drying clothes, meaning there’ll be completely dry when you get them out. So no hanging while you wait for the dampness to go. And, they also smell sweetly.


Wash Programs

You don’t get as many as on other machines but to be fair, LG aren’t asking as much money as you’d pay for those other machines. You get 4 programs here and they range from Delicate up to Strong. Washing will be done excellently using these, but maybe you want more programs and in that case i’d choose another machine. You should think about what you gain from all these other feature’s many of which aren’t on other machines, compared to what you lose in Wash Programs. Make a decision based on your answer.



Semi Automatics don’t require a continuous flow of water so you can save money on water using them, but as the name suggests, they require more work than Fully Automatics. You must fill the Tub with water and then drain it once your wash is done. After this you must transfer your clothes from the Wash Tub to the Drier Tub. So if you’ve had a Fully Automatic before and you got used to going somewhere else while your washing cycle completes itself, you’ll have to be there is this. So while you’ll save money on water, you’ll be doing a little bit of work. Is this right for you?


User Experience

Only use the Heavy Wash program for really tough stains, because it uses more water and with this kind of power in your pulsation you really don’t need it for moderate to light stains. Even most tough stains will vanish without the use of Heavy Wash. So, take advantage of the technology you have and let it do its work.

Don’t over-fill this Washing Machine or any other for that matter. The rule is to take two tenths off the stated Capacity to get your real Capacity. So in this case your real Capacity is 7.3kg. Cramming too many clothes in at once can produce damage.



What they’ve done here is they’ve gone with Semi Automatic to take down the cost of manufacture and then they’ve slung in a bunch of really good features. These will both prolong the life of your Washing Machine and also make your use of it more productive. I love the Pulsator System, because it allows you to get significant power out of pulsation, whereas most Pulsators are gentle to say the least. It even rivals Agitation in terms of strength and power, so this has to be viewed as a major success. There are only four Wash Programs but the ones that are there, are the vital programs you need to perform good and varied wash cycles. The Drier is also good, leaving clothes smelling sweetly, with it’s use of air and heat. All in all i’d say this is one of the best value Washing Machines out there.

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