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LG T7270TDDL Top-Loading Washing Machine (6.2 kg, Blue white) Review

lg-t7270tddl-top-loading-washing-machine-6-2-kg-blue-white-2LG are one of the best and most image-conscious manufacturers of Electrical and Household Goods currently operating today. They market themselves as selling hi-tech, quality items at reasonable prices to discerning customers. Some of the language they use is quite mesmerising and on their website you can even read them comparing their designs to the great architecture of London, New York and Paris. It’s how they sell themselves to the masses, and this routine comes complete with extravagant names for the special features their products have. But it’s not all sales talk; they actually have some amazing and very popular items that people are incredibly happy with. If they just learn’t not to articulate every product description in the most over the top, wildly enthusiastic tech-jargon, they’d probably have the world in the palm of their hand. But then you wouldn’t need the pleasure of my reviews explaining LG products to you in an unbiased and friendly manner, now would you? So, while i’m still needed here this is the auspicious LG T7270TDDL Top Loading Washing Machine (6.2 kg, Blue white) review.


LG 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T7270TDDL, Blue white)

by LG [LG]
Rank/Rating: 94466/-
Price: INR 16,390.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-07-16 19:12:39


  • Pulsator Wash Method
  • Good Capacity
  • Fully Automatic
  • Top Loading
  • Smart Filter
  • Turbo Drum
  • 10 Water Levels



  • 5 Wash Programs


Special Features

Wash Method

Waterfall Circulation 3 Step Wash is what LG came up with as a name for the Wash Method. On other models they like to call it by another name which is Roller Jet Pulse 3. It all amounts to the same thing no matter what imaginative LG name you’re reading . They improved the Singular Pulsation found on rival designs to include 1 large Pulsator plus 3 smaller Pulsators. These all gush out water at high-speed into the Drum shifting around clothes as they’re washed, giving you a tougher wash without the damage you might get from Agitators. It’s excellent because one major complaint customers have about Pulsation is that it’s far too gentle, but not anymore.


Turbo Drum

Often the simplest changes to a design can result in wonderful benefits and that is what has happened here. LG call it Turbo Drum, which is kind of misleading because it makes it sound like the Drum moves faster than those on other Washing Machines but actually it doesn’t. What it does is it moves in two directions: Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise. This means your clothes won’t get tangled and it also helps during the drying process. Another excellent decision.


Smart Filter

They also added in a Bacteria Filter and this is very uncommon on Washing Machines in this price-range so it was a surprising and welcome inclusion.



I’d recommend the wash cycle to anybody because it’s absolutely excellent, but the Capacity at 6.2kg, means those with families larger than 4 people will struggle for space. If you have a family of more than four you’ll probably need to do two loads or choose another model. Think about how many people you’ll most likely be doing laundry for, and then ask if this machine is right for you.


Top Loading

There are benefits to having both Front Loaders and Top Loaders so i’ll just lay out the facts and let you decide which is best. How Much space do you have? Front Loaders can be stacked so you need less space, whereas Top Loaders with the lid being on the top must have room above them. Do you mind lifting? With a Top Loader you’ll have to lift the washing up to put it in the machine. Top Loaders are cheaper though, and you can put washing in mid-way through the cycle. They do however use more water although they cost less to repair. Manufactures will try to sell one over the other, but the differences most often come down to personal preference.


Fully Automatic

Semi Automatics are cheaper, much cheaper in many cases, but more and more people are choosing Fully Automatics because of ease of operation. With Semi’s you often have the fill the Tub, turn off the Tap, drain the Tub, and move washing from the wash Tub into the Dry Tub. Although they’re easier and cheaper to repair and they take up less space, it’s all the work associated with them that leads buyers to go Fully Automatic. Fully Automatics require no effort at all. Just set the program and the machine does it all for you, from filling, to draining and there’s no switching Tubs because they use one Tub for both washing and drying. So you don’t have to be there. Go watch TV, or leave the house entirely. They also wash faster, save space, and Auto Resume after a power failure. So which do you prefer?


User Experience

Experimentation is the key here. There’s some getting to know you time needed with this machine to get the best results. You get 5 wash programs and 10 water levels. Generally the higher the water level the more powerful the wash so don’t use Fuzzy Wash in combination with the highest water level except for the toughest of stains. Another tip for tough stains would be to use the Soak program. This program soaks them in water before a wash, so it’s essentially a pre-wash programme.


For moderate stains Gentle Wash is perfect. I wouldn’t usually recommend any kind of gentle programme for use on a Pulsator. But, with this outrageously good wash method it’s still strong enough to get moderately stained clothes clean.
Don’t fill this machine or any other up completely. Leave some room to prevent damage to clothing. 2 tenths is what I always say, meaning your actual Capacity is 6kg.



If you bought a Semi-Automatic you’d most likely spend less, but the price is so competitive here that you couldn’t justify all that extra work you’d have with a Semi. So, it comes down to looking at my description of the pro’s and con’s of Top Loaders vs Front Loaders. If you preferred Front loaders then this model is not for you, but if you like the idea of having a Top Loader then I couldn’t recommend this more, It has a great Wash Method that is very advanced, and wonderfully designed so that you get the toughness of Agitation along with the freedom from damaged clothes that comes with Pulsation. It’ll kill Bacteria too and the Capacity is great for 14000 Rupee’s. If you’re a Top Loader fan, go buy this.

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