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Godrej 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WT 620 CFS) Review

Godrej 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WT 620 CFS) Review

Washing machines are definitely products people pay a lot more for than they should because let’s face it, most people don’t wake up in the morning saying “today I’m going to learn about how washing machines work”. It’s not the most interesting thing to know about, and stores take advantage of this general lack of knowledge, resulting in a lack of value on some machines. I happen to be one of those people who really does know all about washing machines, so I decided to help you out, by choosing one machine, that I think represents amazing value for money. The machine I chose was the Godrej 6.2KG Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WT 620 CFS), because it has some great features, and can be bought for less than 15,000 Rupee’s.

Godrej 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WT 620 CFS, Graphite Gray)

by Godrej [Godrej]
Rank/Rating: 94418/-
Price: INR 16,600.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-07-17 06:56:53


  • 6.2KG Capacity
  • 700RPM’s
  • Fully Automatic
  • Force 4 Technology
  • Pulsator Wash Method
  • 230 Volts


  • Only 3 Wash Features

Godrej WT 620 CFS Main Features:



This is in reference to the size of the drum your machine has, with 12KG being the highest and 5KG being the lowest commonly found in homes. Anything over 6KG will wash the clothes of a family, without any trouble, so at 6.2KG recommended capacity the Godrej is big enough to fulfil the needs of most buyers. Unlike most manufacturers, Godrej actually quote a max capacity figure which is 6.9KG, so if you need to put a few more garments in there you can. Anything more than this, will damage clothes, but as I said, the 6-7KG range is more than enough for two parents and two children.


Pulsator Wash Method

Pulsator washers clean clothes by pulsing water through them at high-speed, whereas agitators shuffle clothes around to do the same thing. Pulsators are a little bit gentler than agitators, but usually there’s no difference in the washing capability’s of both types of machine; they’ll each clean clothes well, but in a different way. I mentioned the word ‘usually’ and this is because Godrej have added something special onto the washer, making it a much better machine than most; water pulses in both a clockwise and an anti-clockwise direction for double cleaning. I was quite surprised to see something like this on a machine costing less than 15,000 Rupees.


Force 4 Technology

The technology inside washing machines, have some rather interesting and futuristic names. This particular technology is called Force 4, and yes, you’re not the only one who thinks of Star Wars, when your read that name. Unlike the futuristic technology of Sci-Fi movies though, Force 4 is actually quite easy to understand. It punches water through clothes in an up and down direction, cleaning away any tough stains. When this up and down motion is combined with the back and forth motion of the Pulsator wash method, you get a 4 directional water force; hence the name Force 4.


230 Volts

This isn’t all good news because while this low voltage will save you money on running costs, the pulsator method and the force 4 technology mean the Godrej will be using more water than comparative machines. You must decide for yourself whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, because Force 4 means superior cleaning, but it also adds to you’re water costs, and erodes any saving you might have made with the low voltage.


Fully Automatic

Fully Automatics clean better than Semi-Automatics because of the substantial water pressure they can create, and they use less energy, which was how they where able to achieve 230 Volts.


Godrej WT 620 CFS User Experience:


Fully automatics are often much more difficult to slot into a tight space than semi automatics, and this Godrej is no exception to that rule. However once you get it into position, you’ll see that it has a transparent lid, and these are popular with consumers, who like to see what’s going inside the machine while they do their washing; it’s a piece of mind inclusion.


When you come to do your washing you’ll find you only have 3 wash programs, so their aren’t specific programs for each fabric. as you might find on higher priced machines. I was expecting this, because there had to be some drawbacks, given the low price, and I think if you’re going to cut anything for a lower price, wash programs are the best place to start given that most people don’t even use most of the programs they have.


For users who like ease of operation, the inclusion of fuzzy logic will be pleasing. Again, it sounds like a weird name for a washing machine technology. It’s function is to enable you to wash, rinse and dry, with the single touch of a button. Much like Sixth Sense Technology, Fuzzy Logic also monitors the temperature and water use, ensuring efficiency.


Final Thoughts:

There are a lot of low priced washing machines that cost less because they offer less, but I wanted to chose one budget machine that offers great value for money, to prove to buyers, that they don’t always have to pay so much. Force 4 provides buyers with the same rigorous wash that you’d find on other machines, costing 10,000 Rupees more. Fuzzy Logic is cheap to install on a machine than other efficiency technology’s, hence the low price; but at the same time, it works just as well. There’s only 3 wash programs, but be honest, how many of your current machines programs do you really use? When you add to all this, that the Godrej has a 6.2KG capacity, it becomes one of the best value machines around.


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