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Samsung 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WF600B0BHWQ) Review

Samsung 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Samsung are very well known name in technology, but no means the biggest washing machine manufacturer in the world. So, I decided to review their latest offering, the Samsung 6kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WF600B0BHWQ), to let buyers know about some inclusions they’ve put in, that other machines don’t have. I’ll discuss where they’ve succeeded and where perhaps they could do better, and I’ll also cut through the jargon associated with washing machine’s, so that you’ll understand exactly what goes on inside your machine while you’re running it.

Samsung 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WF600B0BHWQ, White)

by Samsung [Samsung]
Rank/Rating: 217608/-
Price: INR 28,325.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-07-18 03:53:11


  • Front Loading
  • Fully Automatic
  • 12 Wash programs
  • Ceramic Heater
  • Digital LED Display


  • 6KG Capacity


Samsung WF600B0BHWQ Main Features:


Front Loading

While top loaders are better for buyers who find it difficult to bend or kneel, and they allow users to add clothes half way through a wash, these advantages are vastly outweighed by the disadvantages compared to front loaders. Front loaders are much more energy efficient, because the drum is set horizontally, so they don’t require clothes to be completely covered by water. Instead clothes only need to be one third covered, and gravity does the rest. As such, the front loading capability will save you lots of money with its low water usage. There’s also a benefit for people in small houses, as front loaders can be stacked with a dryer on top, which would be impossible with a top loader.


Ceramic Heater

All washing machines have heaters to raise the temperature of the water they’ll be washing your clothes with, and i’m sure most people have experienced a day when they’ve come to do washing, and the water just won’t heat up. Well, this is usually because there’s a calcium build-up caused by your detergent mixing constantly with hot water. This build-up is sucking away all the electricity that’s supposed to be used for raising temperature. Ceramic heaters prevent this, thereby saving you money on electricity, and their also more durable than conventional heaters. so they’ll last much longer.


12 Wash Programs

Not as many as on some machines, but this is a fair amount, and they include a quick wash, plus an intense wash, along with various programs suited to specific fabrics. This Samsung doesn’t have an agitator though, so the wash will in general be easier on sensitive fabrics, than top loading washers with agitators inside.


6KG Capacity

Unless you have a huge family you’re looking for a washing machine ranging between 5KG and 12KG, and you should really be looking on the lower end of this spectrum because 6-7KG is more than enough for most people. Stores will try to get you to pay more for a machine with a 10KG capacity’s, but you’ll be buying space you’ll never use. This Samsung is advertised at 6kg, but this is the maximum capacity, with the recommended capacity being 5.8kg, which is acceptable for those with 4 persons in the household. Anymore than this and you’ll require a 6-7KG capacity.


Digital LED Display

There’s a wonderful ease of operation on this Samsung, with the digital LED display, containing links to all the wash programs at the touch of one button. The system is very easy to navigate, and you’ll be able to access all the features from here.


WF600U2BKWQ Front Loading with Digital Inverter Motor 6 kg

Samsung WF600B0BHWQ User Experience:


This being a front loader, you can use the rinse hold function to store clothes crease-free ready for drying, while you leave the house. Usually in washing machines without agitators, I wouldn’t recommend this, because sitting entirely consumed in water creasing will occur, but front loaders like the Samsung use less water, so your clothes will be perfectly fine, while you leave the house for work.


Buyers can also expect a better wash using the quick wash function. Normally you’d get a good wash at best, but the ceramic heater will work faster than conventional heaters, so the machine will reach its maximum temperature of 95 degree’s in a speedy fashion, ensuring great results even in quick wash mode. Also worth a mention is that 95 degree’s is also 5 degrees hotter than most washing machines, which really makes a difference on tough stains.


Being a front loader its going to be more difficult to move into position than a top loader, because the drum is at the front, making it awkward to push without damaging the door. But, they have managed to keep the weight down to 55kg, so this is certainly much easier to move around than many front loaders


Fuzzy logic is basically a computer inside your machine measuring temperature, clothing position and water levels, to ensure the most cost efficient wash. Samsung have put it in this model, and while you can turn it off, I’d never recommend that, because with a front loader, you’re already using less water and saving money, so why not let fuzzy logic save you more. It’ll make sure your clothes are always in the best position possible for an excellent wash, and it’ll raise and lower water levels to maintain maximum efficiency.


Final Thoughts:

While it only has a maximum 6KG capacity, the Samsung will still be large enough for most family’s, and it has the excellent combination of fuzzy logic technology and front loading, to save you money through efficiency. The 95 degree heat is impressive, and the ceramic heater, will fend off calcium build ups, meaning your machine will last much longer than 90% of the models currently on the market. The Verdict: A great washing machine with low running costs.




  1. Aroma

    Hi, your website is really useful. Thank you for the effort.
    How would you compare this samsung with IFB senorita aqua 6.5 kg front loading one ?
    Is the fib lacking anything compared to this samsung one ?

    1. S (Post author)

      This Samsung has some great features and added flexibility that the IFB Senorita does not. Also, Samsung has better customer service. IFB Senorita was considered the best in it’s range a while ago, infact it is one of the first washing machines we reviewed, but recently there have been many complaints about IFB customer service on online forums. The machines are good but the service raises questions. You can read a review of the IFB Senoruta Aqua SX here:


      PS: Sorry for delay in reply


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