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Whirlpool 7.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (Stainwash Deep Clean 72) Review

whirlpool-7-2-kg-fully-automatic-top-load-washing-machine-stainwash-deep-clean-72-reviewWhirlpool are one of the biggest names in the Washing Machine business. Some people buy simply on the strength of a name. But they shouldn’t really, because even the most successful manufacturers have bad days and produce bad designs. So if you want to look deeper, and learn more than the manufactures description is telling you then read on. You’ll find out whether this is another Whirlpool Masterpiece, or whether the Whirlpool 7.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (Stainwash Deep Clean 72) is one to avoid.


Whirlpool Stainwash Deep Clean Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (7.2 kg, Platinum)

by Whirlpool [Whirlpool]
Rank/Rating: 522691/-
Price: INR 23,343.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-07-17 02:38:24


  • Top Loading
  • Good Capacity
  • 22 Wash Programs
  • Agipeller Wash Method
  • Nice Design
  • Fully Automatic


  • Color
  • Display is on the back edge

Whirlpool 7.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine  (Stainwash Deep Clean 72) Special Features:

Top Loader

Top Loaders are more convenient to many buyers because if you’ve forgotten something, you can just throw it in mid-wash without stopping the cycle. You can’t do this with a Front Loader. Top Loaders use more water though. However this problem will be reduced given that the Whirlpool is Fully Automatic, which saves water by increasing the water efficiency. Top Loaders tend to wash clothes quicker and they cost less than Front Loaders. But they do involve more bending and stretching with the lid being on the top.


The Capacity of the Whirlpool is 7.2Kg. Capacity is in reference to the size of the Drum. With 7.2kg you should be able to easily do the washing of a moderate to large sized family. 7-8kg is usually the best weight range because they fit nicely into most homes whereas models above 10kg tend to be too large for most people.

Wash Programs

There are 22 Wash Programs which is at the top end of the spectrum for this price. These include Heavy, Delicate,Slow Wash, Extra Rinse, and Normal. I was quite satisfied by these and the way they worked especially as you also get Fabric Specific programs. Fabric Specific programs enable you to treat certain fabrics differently because some are more delicate than others.

Agitator Wash Method

This means that inside the Drum, in the middle, there is a Spindle sticking out. It has Fins or Veins protruding from it and these twist during the wash, moving clothes around the machine. This is what’s called an Agitator and it’s the way the Whirlpool washes clothes. Agitator washing is often rougher than Pulsation wash methods so it’s great for tough stains especially when you’re using the Heavy Wash program. It also means Heavy Wash must be used only for tough stains on tough fabrics, because otherwise you risk damaging delicate fabrics. If you do a job that involves getting dirty or if you have children then Agitator washing is probably best for you. I find with normal to light stains you should use the Extra Rinse program because it slows down the Agitator and is the best program available.

Digital Display

I’d have liked to have seen a larger display and perhaps one a little off the back edge of the machine so you wouldn’t have to lean over. But, it is easy to operate and you can access all of the Wash Programs quickly so I have no major problems with this aspect of the Whirlpool.



The color is not great. Whirlpool rather generously call it ‘Platinum’, but it looks more like a deep grey to me. It’ll certainly stand out amongst your white goods, that’s for sure. Better news comes from the fact that it’s made entirely out of Stainless Steel meaning it is incredibly durable so even if it gets bashed around over the years it’ll remain undamaged.

Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic machines require less effort than Semi-Automatics because you don’t have to add water to the Tub before washing. You just set the machine to your desired wash program and leave. Another great advantage of Fully Automatics like this Whirlpool is that you don’t have to move loads between Tubs because one Tub does all of the washing and drying. They do cost more to repair though so you should bare this in mind, although as I mentioned earlier, Fully Automatics are more water efficient so you’ll be saving money as you go compared to a Semi-Automatic machine.


Whirlpool 7.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine  (Stainwash Deep Clean 72)  User Experience:

A little piece of advice I write in all my reviews is to take 2 tenths away from your stated Capacity to get your actual Capacity. This is because packing a machine completely full can damage clothes especially on models like this with an Agitator inside the drum. So leave a bit of room and you’ll get clean clothes without needing replacements.

There’s no Rinse Hold feature here. Rinse Hold allows you to hold clothes at the rinse stage, while you leave the house. You can set Rinse Hold for a time when you’ll be back and your machine will finish the washing process. In it’s absence Whirlpool have included a Delay Start button, so you could set your machine to start 15 minutes before you return from a trip out. You could use it to effectively do the same thing as Rinse Hold, giving you more freedom of movement during washing

If you’re unsure about how to install a Washing Machine then you should make sure you get it professionally installed. The money and time buyers lose through bad installations is considerable. Don’t be someone who makes that mistake.



If you’ve got a bad back then this is probably not the machine for you because with it being a Top Loader and with the display being on the back edge of machine you’ll be doing a lot of lifting and bending. For all other people i’d strongly recommend it. There’s not much Whirlpool got wrong. Its Full Automatic nature means it’ll use less water than Front Loading Semi Automatic machines so you will get value for money. The 22 Wash Programs offer a descent amount of choice and that’s what pleases most buyers these days.




  1. Jiji

    Whirlpool washing machines can be used as waste basket with in a year off purchase.absolutely waste one among the washing machines.

  2. rafi

    new generation whirlpool washing machines are not useful . its a waste and loosing money


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