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Whirlpool 8 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review


Whirlpool 8 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 2

With the washing machine market being so crowded with products, that all have big company claims beside them, which one do you choose? It certainly doesn’t help that most of the information is written down in jargon, so what should be a straight-forward purchase turns into a confusing experience, with the only glimmer of hope being that you may have gotten lucky and made the right decision. I”m sure we’ve all been there; you’re browsing online and you wish, if just for a second, an expert in whatever your looking at could be standing right next to you. Some boring guy who has devoted his life to knowing every single thing imaginable, about the item to want to purchase. Well, fortunately with washing machines I don’t need any one by my side, because I’m the boring expert, and in this article i’m going to pass some of that knowledge onto you. I picked out a washing machine from the thousands online, and I’m going to tell you some stuff about what it does. I’ll give you the good, and i’ll also let you know what it could do better, finishing with some advice about whether it’s worth a purchase. This is the Whirlpool 8KG Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Bloom Wash 360 degree World Series 80H) Review.

Whirlpool 8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (360 WRD SR WS 80H, Graphite)

by Whirlpool [Whirlpool]
Rank/Rating: 128120/-
Price: INR 34,025.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-07-16 13:13:02


  • 8KG Capacity
  • 26 Wash Programs
  • Sixth Sense Technology
  • Bloom Motion
  • Pulsator Wash Method
  • 740RPM Spin Cycle


  • Top Loading
  • In-Built Heater


Whirlpool Bloom Wash 360° World Series 80H Main Features:


Bloom Motion

This is in reference to the 360 degree Bloom Wash feature, and you might be thinking that all drums turn when you’re washing clothes, so what’s special about this one? Well, Bloom Wash actually has nothing to do with the drum, and everything to do with the variator plate Whirlpool have installed inside. When you put clothes into the machine, and set it to wash, a the variator plate that Whirlpool invented throws clothes about in a circular motion, much like that of a blooming flower. Its very clever, and I think Whirlpool will be putting it in all their machines from now on, because its the best basic wash function around.


Wash Programs

So Bloom Motion is what will hapeen inside your machine, every time you wash clothes, but you can also add a wash program for specific fabrics you like to wash in a certain way. There’s 26 wash programs in total, so all you need to do is go to the digital display, choose the program for the fabric you have, and push the button. There are also a large number of wash programs for tough stains, that will provide a more rigorous wash than usual, and a quick wash program, if you’re in a rush.


In-Built Heater

Speaking of tough stains, the heater you have inside the Whirlpool, assists the Bloom Motion, and can be used in conjunction with the tough stain release wash programs, to give you even better results. It’s also very clever because the heater builds temperature to optimum level, and then sprays the chemicals in your detergents onto your clothes at high-speed, dislodging any lingering stains. But it’s also not a ceramic heater, so you’ll need to give this machine a good clean every month, to make sure calcium build-ups don’t occur. Calcium build-ups are a common occurrence in washing machines and they come from all the water and detergent going through the machine. If they’re left too long, they can suck up electricity and prevent your machine from heating up.


Sixth Sense Technology

You should think of Bloom Motion and the wash programs in the Whirlpool as the arms and hands of your machine. Sixth Sense Technology then, is the brain, telling every other part where it should be and what it should be doing. It’s a little computer system organising and saving you money because it’s main goal is to be as efficient as possible. Sixth Sense will raise and lower water levels, it’ll do the same with temperature, and detergent quantity, to ensure the best, and cheapest wash based on the fabric you’ve chosen. This is not a Whirlpool technology, so you’ll find it in lots of machines, but it is a very good inclusion.


8KG Capacity

Capacity’s are confusing what is quoted is often not what the capacity actually is. Quoted capacity refers to the maximum weight of the clothes you can put inside of the drum, but I wouldn’t recommend filling to max capacity because clothes can get damaged. A general rule is to take 2 tenths away from your max capacity, to get your recommended capacity, so in this case you’re looking at a machine with a 7.8KG recommended capacity. This is enough for a family of at least 6 people.


Whirlpool 8 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Whirlpool Bloom Wash 360° World Series 80H User Experience:


One of the major drawbacks here is that the 80H doesn’t have wheels, so it’ll be a two person job to get it into place. But, you’ll only have to do it once, because the Whirlpool is very durable. Everything else is really simple, so just choose your fabric, and the machine will do the rest.


This machine is Woolmark Approved, which means that it’s been awarded an international certification by Woolmark, for use on wool products. Although, I wouldn’t recommend the use of the rinse hold function with any fabric, because this machine doesn’t have an agitator to keep clothes from creasing. Agitators would move the clothes around as a way of stopping creases occurring while you’re out of the house.


So you’re not going to be able to leave the house, holding clothes in the rinse water for a few hours, but in the space where you’d put an agitator, Whirlpool put in the variator plate and because of this you’ll get a much better and easier wash every time. I think it’s an excellent trade-off.


Final Thoughts:

Remember that Sixth Sense is the brain, and it’s constantly thinking about how best to wash different fabrics, with everything geared towards producing quality while saving money. Sixth Sense gives the orders, for the wash programs you choose to kick into action, and these combined with Bloom Motion, are how your clothes get washed. I like this machine because everything inside works together for the best results. The In-Built heater could have been ceramic, thereby reducing the likelihood of calcium builds-ups that are so common in washing machines, and there could have been wheels, but other than these two facts, I couldn’t be more excited about this machine. The Verdict: A great washer, you won’t regret buying.




  1. Hargobind Shan

    Gr8 review!! Very simple and interesting read btw how do we clean clean the calcium deposits caused by the heater?

  2. Renu sood

    For some time the machine gave good service. Now one problem after the other. Control panel replaced, motor replaced ,shockers replaced as machine was wobbling. It still wobbles,mechanic at a loss to understand the problem. He visits but unable to fix. So helpless.

  3. pradeep

    Whirlpool washing machine ……so bad …..please don’t purchase…..whirlpool 360°machine fully auto matiç. …very bad…whirlpool machine engineers are not so good …. They only know ..how to make profits….please don’t purchase this machine…

  4. pradeep

    Whirlpool fully automatic 360° washing machine ….ka kbhi sensor. Kharab ho jata h to kbhi kya kharab ho jata h ….company 10 years ki guarantee deti h……are phle parts to shi bnaye…machine k …..10 saal to bhut dur ki baat h ….1-2 years hote hi machine ki problems nikalne lg jati h ….bad machine..don’t purchase.

  5. Sarita

    It is a worst product is have ever used….. One problem after the other…… Don’t buy this product… Its really bad….its total wastage of money

  6. Mukesh Parmar

    Too much worst product
    Don’t buy any whirlpool product.
    Too much disappointed.
    Wastage of money, time and energy


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