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LG P8539R3SM Semi-automatic Washing Machine (7.5 Kg, Dark Grey) Review


I was slightly surprised when LG announced that they’d made a Semi Automatic Washing Machine, because they don’t have many of these in their range. But, they where very optimistic about their new model and seemed to be confident that it was one of the best they’d ever produced. Semi’s require more work but tend to cost much less than…
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Haier HWM58-020 Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (5.8 Kg, White) Review


Buying the correct Washing Machine is harder work than it looks. In many cases people either choose one that doesn’t fit their needs, or they end up making a choice that could have been better had they more information to hand. It’s about knowing what you want and understanding how the specifications contribute toward cleaning clothes. In this article i’ll…
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6 Best Washing Machine Brands in India

Washing machines have become a necessity for Indian homes in this busy and modern lifestyle where people are always working around the clock. Whether semi automatic, fully automatic, front loading or top loading, washing machines have made work easier and helped to save time and energy. Furthermore, these machines wash laundry better than humans. Currently, the Indian market is flooded…
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