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Haier HWM58-020 Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (5.8 Kg, White) Review

haier-hwm58-020-fully-automatic-top-loading-washing-machine-5-8-kg-whiteBuying the correct Washing Machine is harder work than it looks. In many cases people either choose one that doesn’t fit their needs, or they end up making a choice that could have been better had they more information to hand. It’s about knowing what you want and understanding how the specifications contribute toward cleaning clothes. In this article i’ll be explaining all about how the Haier HWM58-020 Fully-automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine (5.8 kg, white) works, and when you’re done reading you’ll have good idea about what you should be expecting. Maybe it isn’t right for you? Maybe it is? But, whether it’s right for you or not, you’ll come away from this article with the knowledge you need to make the perfect Washing Machine buying choice.

Haier 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (HWM58-020, White)

by Haier [Haier]
Rank/Rating: 42/-
Price: INR 14,990.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-07-16 13:02:59


  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Fully Automatic
  • Decent Capacity
  • Memory
  • Rinse Hold
  • Child Lock
  • Auto-Resume
  • Top Loading



  • Only 6 Washing Programs


Special Feature’s


The Capacity here is 5.8kg which means the size of the Drum is such that it can hold 5.8kg of clothes. So it’s not great for everyone. It won’t be something i’d advise people with large families to buy for example. There isn’t enough room for families of more than five people. But, if you have a family of four people or less, or you are a single person then this Capacity will be perfect. You’ll have all of your washing needs taken care of without having to do more than one load per wash session. If you live in a small apartment then it would also be perfect. The Haier has a very small footprint so won’t take up much of your vital space.


Spin Speed

This is in reference to how many revolutions per second your machine will make and the Spin Speed here is 1000rpm.’s. If you’ve researched Spin Speed you’ll no doubt have found that the maximum speed in this price range is 1000rpm’s, so you’re getting great value for money. High spin speeds like this cut down on drying time so washing naturally becomes easier.


Wash Programs

There are only six programs which is less than most machines in this price range although the most popular programs are included. You get: Cotton, Heavy Wash, Extra Rinse, Delicate, Rinse and Spin. There could have been more, but you receive the basic programs most people use for their washing.


Wash Method

This machine does a Pulsator Wash and this is when water comes gushing out into the Drum at high speed, shifting the clothes around while it washes them. Pulsators are gentler than Agitators. As I mentioned in the introduction, it often comes down to what you need. Do you have children who get dirty? Do you have lots of tough stains that appear daily? If so then you’re probably better looking for an Agitator. If you have mostly moderate stains and an odd few tough stains then this Pulsator will be excellent. Since pulsation is gentler than Agitation, it’ll even be less damaging to clothes.



Interestingly there is an internal memory built into this system so you can save various settings and reach them at the touch of a button on the display. It’s great for when you’ve worked out a method to expertly wash specific items of clothing you have, but you’re prone to forgetfulness. Just log it into the system and it’ll save it for you. The memory is also great during power failures because it will remember all of your previous settings.


Top Loading

If you had a Front Loader you’d be using less water, but they’re more expensive than Top Loaders like this. You should weigh up the options, take price into account, consider what you have to spend and also note that you’ll need space to open the lid of the Haier. Being a Top Loader the lid is on the top so leave room to put your washing inside it. A great thing about Top Loaders is that you can put laundry in mid-way through the washing cycle and they also wash at a faster speed than front Loaders. Another point you may want to consider is that Top Loaders also immerse clothes in water and that helps with tough stains. Given that this is a Pulsator so it’s gentler to start out, the top loading design really helped.


Fuzzy Logic

It’s a computer!!!!! That’s right you get a little computer inside your machine that does things like regulating detergent use, time and program. The reason it regulates these is because it’s sole job is to give you the most efficient wash with the best results. Fuzzy Logic is not unique to Haier models but when it is present inside a Washing Machine it’s always welcome and it takes a lot of the hassle out of washing. Just turn it on and go do something that is more exciting than washing clothes, which is basically everything.



Fully Automatic

Further eliminating hassle is the Fully Automatic nature of this machine. There’s 1 Tub for both washing and drying so you don’t have to change clothes over before drying. Other benefits of having a Fully Automatic is that you don’t have to close the Tap after filling it with water and you don’t have to manually drain any water. They also have child-lock options and auto-resume after a power failure. In other words, you don’t have to be there. You can set the program and then leave.


User Experience

You should boost the power of your Haier with the Heavy Wash program when you have a tough stain, because Pulsation means a normal wash most likely won’t get them out. Heavy Wash works fine. I wouldn’t be using the Delicate Wash program because it’s far to gentle. This is a common theme with Pulsators but it shouldn’t affect the quality of your wash and dry.


The biggest piece of advice I’d give anybody buying a washing machine is to use their Rinse Hold and their Delay Timer. You’d be surprised by how many people bypass these two highly useful functions, that aren’t found on all machines. Both are present here and with Rinse Hold you can hold your washing in the water for a period of time while you leave the house. When you return, your machine will rinse and dry. Very clever hey? Without a rinse hold you’d have to be home while doing laundry or you’d have to leave it drying in the machine while you’re gone. This causes odour and it’s not recommended but with Rinse Hold it’s not a factor. The Delay Timer does exactly what it says and delays the start of a wash so you could set it before you went to sleep, to start when you wake. Very useful functions that are so often under-used.



There’s quite a low Capacity so big families should avoid this model but for families of 4 people or less it’s great. And it offers buyers a comfortable hassle-free washing experience, given that it is Fully Automatic and has Fuzzy Logic on Board. The internal memory is incredibly useful, and Rinse Hold makes things even easier because you can leave the house, setting the rinse to whatever time you’ll be back . You won’t find a Washing Machine that is easier to use than this, so although there could have been more Wash Programs i’d have to give it the thumbs up.

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    It’s good. Need warranty period of product and motor. Is there any exchange facility?


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