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Bosch WAK20160IN Washing Machine Review

Bosch WAK20160IN Washing Machine ReviewBosch has introduced a new washing machine that has created quite a buzz for its energy saving abilities. So we jumped on the chance to provide you with a Bosch WAK20160IN review, so you can get all the information that you need in order to make a decision regarding the purchase of this washing machine.

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK20160IN, White)

by Bosch [Bosch]
Rank/Rating: 3159/-
Price: INR 44,499.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-07-17 11:36:24

This washing machine holds 7 kg of laundry. It is rated at using a total of 47 liters of water in completing a wash cycle when washing regular loads. This fully automatic washer is said by one buyer to use only .6w of electricity to wash an entire load although the manufacturer has rated the washer at 2300 watts of power consumption, and uses .99kWh of energy consumption.

The washing machine is a front loading unit that is only available in white. It measures 85cm x 60cm x 60cm and weighs 71 kg. It operates by way of a tumble wash mechanism. And, the washer spins the clothes in the final cycle at 1,000 RPM.

The noise level is fairly quiet at 55db, rising to a still fairly quiet 67db during the spin cycle. This was also remarked upon by some of the satisfied buyers of the unit, that the washing machine was surprisingly much quieter than they had imagined it to be.

Bosch offers timed washes that consist of a super 15 minute wash, and a 30 minute wash. And it also offers wash types that include: delicates and silks, children’s wear, synthetics, wool, hygiene, sari and monsoon. They also have a drum cleaning mode.

When it is delivered to you, the packaging comes complete with a water inlet pipe, a drain hose and a user manual.


Some of the extra features that Bosch has added to the WAK20160IN include an anti-vibration system that promises a quiet, stable and smooth operation. This is addition to an unbalanced-load detection system, which alerts you to a problem that you can alleviate before it damages the washer.

Also featured are multiple water protection, active water, foam detection system and water plus, which are all designed to monitor the water levels and composition during wash cycles.

In addition, there is a voltcheck system to monitor the electrical supply.

This washing machine is very highly thought of by most of the people who offered reviews of it. As mentioned earlier, several people commented how this washing machine was noticeably quieter than the other machines that had replaced it.

Also, some of the reviewers had mentioned that the washing machine seemed to consume less water and power than their other washing machine had, and this may be due to the extra water monitoring features, and the voltcheck system that is featured on this washer.

The only negative was concerning the level of Bosch customer service when one customer noticed that Bosch had guaranteed installation within two days, but in reality they waited for four days before showing up to install it.

Flipkart gained a lot of praise for their prompt and polite delivery service.


All in all there is nothing but good news surrounding the Bosch WAK20160IN washing machine. It has worked flawlessly for everyone who has tried it. It also features on our list of the best front loading washing machines in India.


  1. Prasad

    I am planning to buy front load washing machine(6kg).
    Which one do you recommend Bosch, IFB or Samsung.
    Just confused because they say Bosch – maintenance,spare parts are very costly and IFB – customer service is not good.
    Can you please advice me on this.

    1. S (Post author)

      Well you are quite right, each company has it’s pros and cons. IFB machines are some of the best and affordable but their customer support is bad. Samsung machines are over-priced. Out of the 3 manufacturers you mentioned, Bosch buyers seem the happiest.

      If you don’t have any specific brand loyalties, you can also look into other popular brands like LG, Whirlpool or Godrej. Good Luck!

      1. Abhi ram

        Don’t worry about Bosch spare parts cost r very low price and service is relly verry gud machine quality is unbilevebull 100% gud quality and if ur all ready bye a samsung or ifb next time u will be go for Bosch and ifb is a gud company now a days it’s comes low qulaty and poor services and don’t go for lg moter comes belt les moter inverter direct drive but it’s not aa power saving moter capasty is very low ur choosing lg 7kgs washing machine it will accept 6kg 6.5kgs cloths only u can’t use 7kg cloths and lg promoter is saying moter comes 6 motion don’t believe de promoter if u want to see the 6 motion wasching u can load 3kg cloths then u can see de 6 motion u cant see the full load ofter 3 years lg machine comes viberating don’t waste ur money be course I am suffering this problem with lg now I am exchanged Bosch it’s pretty gud and samsung also better then lg samsung comes belt moter.

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  3. Sandhya

    Which front loading machine has heating of water inside to wash clothes at 40* or 30*? Siemens not included in your list. The market today is very confusing.

  4. Bala

    Is LG and Samsung both are using same materials, name alone different? i have planned to buy LG washing machine but my friend working in LG says LG and Samsung both are same only. Hence i am confused as which one to choose. My requirements are 1.proper cleaning, 2.easy maintenance

  5. Arijit

    I am planning to buy front load washing machine. We are 4 members in our family. Which capacity is suitable for us, 6 Kg or 7 Kg. Which brand do you recommend regarding the factor……
    1. Wash Quality
    2. Durability.
    3. Electricity power consumption.
    4. After sale service.

    1. Raju

      Go for Bosch it’s a gud washing machine and gud service u can chaing wash pogram time also sock washing rincing sprning u can open the door in this all program in mddil cycle auto power saving moda


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