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Electrolux 6.7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

Electrolux 6.7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

Electrolux aren’t the biggest name in Washing Machine manufacture. But, they’ve carved out a solid reputation making models that represent quality alternatives to higher-priced machines. There’s increasing competition on these lower rungs of the price ladder so less room for error than there used to be. Still, Electrolux have maintained there position near the top of the budget pile. We’re reviewing the Electrolux 6.7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Euro Glitz, LUminous Pink) today and it follows the company mantra of creating simple to operate, cut-down, versions of higher-priced models for buyers who want to save money. But is good? Will it get stains out? Find out here.

Electrolux 6.7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Euro Glitz, Luminous Pink)

by Electrolux [Electrolux]
Rank/Rating: 221262/-
Price: INR 10,500.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-06-22 09:58:59


  • Air-Dry
  • Very Cheap Price
  • Good Looking Design
  • Efficient Wash Method
  • Shower Facility
  • Wash and Scrub
  • 6.7kg Capacity


  • Semi-Automatic
  • 3 Programs

Special Features

Pulsator Wash Method

There’s two types of wash method. 1. Agitators use a Rod protruding out of the Drum to move clothes around and wash them. They can be harsh on clothes and can cause damage but they get stains out very effectively. 2. Pulsators on the other hand, use fast-paced spurts of water to toss clothes around. They’re not as harsh on clothes so no damage, but being more gentle they often struggle with tough stains at the first attempt. Various methods have been made to make Pulsators better on stains while retaining that gentleness, and Electrolux are one of the few who actually succeeded.

They did it by providing the traditional Pulsation. And then on top of this you get 5 Mini-Pulsators and 5 Big Fins. So in other words, you get more fast-paced spurts of water coming into the Drum, from more angles, creating an increased amount of friction inside the machine. Clothes get tossed around in the way they would with a Rod, but it’s not as harsh. It does enable you to get those harsh stains out first time more often than you would with a normal Pulsator.

Shower Facility

Another Interesting thing about this machine is what happens at the end of the wash. Instead of putting in an expensive filter for expelling Detergent, they’ve provided a shower. It enabled them to keep the price down. So when the wash is done a brief shower of water will descend upon your clothes washing out any detergent left inside .


It’s a fair Capacity at 6.7kg. Not huge but enough to wash all the clothes of a family of four. Larger familys will need more Capacity or they’ll have to do two loads.


This is hardly ever found below 10000 Rupee’s. Most Driers will heat clothes in order to get them dry. Air-Dry is when one half of the drying process is heating and the other half entails warm air being filtered out into the Drum. Air-Dry is excellent because it leaves clothes with the sweet smell you’d get from putting them on a washing line.

Electrolux 6.7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Euro Glitz, Luminous Pink)


With Semi-Automatics you have to be there throughout the entire wash cycle. So you can’t leave or it won’t get done. Why? Because you have to fill and drain manually. You also have to change Tubs before the drying can take place. So it’s a lot more work than with a Fully-Automatic. You should ask yourself if you’re prepared to put that extra little bit of work in to save some cash. It is very cheap but some people want an easier life so will pay more for it.

Wash and Scrub

Sometimes with harsh stains a normal wash just isn’t good enough. The stains remain. So Electrolux has put in their Wash and Scrub feature to combat this. It works pretty well too. For 25 minutes before a wash cycle takes place you can set your machine to soak clothes. During this 25 minutes the Drum will rotate rapidly. This is how it scrubs your clothes. Then you can either take them out or do a wash cycle.

Wash Programs

Not great news here. There’s only two. But electrolux have shown some common sense by leaving out a Gentle Wash program. Pulsators are gentle enough and don’t really need one. So there’s just Normal and Strong. Always use the Strong program for moderate or tough stains. Consider the lack of wash programs and ask yourself if it matters to you.


It’s going to appeal to a certain kind of buyer. The buyer who wants something cheap and simple that’ll get stains out and won’t take up much space, will like this model. The buyer who doesn’t like tinkering around with wash programs because they have a busy life and just wants to get a wash done, will also like this. Buyers whose sole concern is their budget will love this as it’s priced at just over 8000. But, if you like lots of programs and that aspect of individuality you get from fabric-specific programs then it’s not for you. If you like the freedom of not having to do anything that you get from a Fully-Automatic then it also not for you. As far as stains go, I liked the wash method and I think it genuinely is an improvement on the old Pulsation method. You should get all but the toughest stains out first time. Thank you for reading.

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