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I have been running my Electrolux ET70ENERM for just over a year now and am very pleased with its performance. It is an attractive washing machine which looks great in our laundry: the aesthetic really matters to me as I love home decor! We have two small children and the 7kg capacity allows us to keep on top of the mountains of washing they accrue. Whether we just need a quick wash or there are heavy duty stains to get rid of, it always does the job. I’d like to share our Electrolux experience with anyone shopping for a new washing machine.

Electrolux 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (ET70ENERM, Mystic Rose)

by Electrolux [Electrolux]
Rank/Rating: 203587/-
Price: INR 19,000.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-07-17 04:05:14


  • – The large capacity makes it perfect for the family home.
  • – Lots of cycle options to meet your needs: There are 9 functions including gentle wash, quick wash, eco saver and express dry.
  • – It has never damaged or tangled our clothes, even delicate items.
  • – Clear display with handy timer so that you can check how long the cycle has to go.
  • – Economical running: nice and easy on the electricity and water bills.
  • – It has Auto Error Detection in case anything goes wrong with your load.
  • – You have the option of doing an extra fifteen minute spin to


  • – It can be a bit noisy during the spin cycle.
  • – Because of its many features, it can take a while to learn to use it: definitely keep the manual handy!
  • – The inlet hose is quite short: you may need to buy an extra length of hose and a connector to meet your needs.

Overall Impression:

CAPACITY AND DESIGN: The maximum capacity is 7kg and the water levels and spin length adjust to any sized load you need. The clever machine actually weighs the clothes and lets you know how much detergent you’ll need! As I said at the start, I love the design of my machine; it is sleek, rounded and modern. And it’s not just boring old white! Mine is a beautiful bright red color!

PERFORMANCE: This washing machine can do anything I need it to (except vacuum the floor and cook tea!). The Quick Wash function is really amazing for routine washing: everything’s nice and clean within half an hour. It’s also very effective for more heavy duty loads and getting food and mud stains out of children’s clothing. Sheets, pillowcases and towels come out like new. If you get more persistent stains (like red wine!) on your linen, it has an auto-soak program which works really well. It even has an automatic tub cleaning feature to keep it free of any residual detergent or accumulated dirt.


Final Thoughts:

This machine is very reasonably priced compared to other fully automatic top-loaders. I also believe it is the most effective compared with my friends’ machines from other well-known brands such as LG and Samsung. Electrolux have a good reputation and provide value for money.

I would recommend the Electrolux et70enerm to anyone wanting a reasonably priced, reliable and multi-functional washing machine for their family. Particularly a family with between three and five members. It is one of the best washing machines below Rs.20000 according to me. Our busy household is certainly satisfied!



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