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Straight-Forward and Reliable: The Perfect First Washing Machine


People looking for a reliable entry level washing machine with proven performance should look no further than the Godrej WT 600c Fully Automatic Top Loader. The simple functionality of this machine makes it ideal for people with busy lifestyles. Its job is to clean clothes and it does that very effectively without fuss or frills. Inner city dwellers looking for a machine that can be shifted into upstairs apartments and take up a relatively small space should consider this model.


– Simple design and functions make it super easy to learn to use: you won’t need to pull out the instruction manual every time you want to wash your towels! 
– The display is completely self-explanatory: you’ll know exactly where you’re at. 
– Top loading machines are best for bad backs: no straining your spine by stooping to load your machine.
– It automatically turns itself off when the cycle is done: no need to waste electricity!
– It is a sturdy, durable machine which will give years of good service.
– At 29.5kg, it is not too heavy to shift if moving house is on the cards.
– The product originates in India, so expert help is close at hand if you need it.


– Make sure the machine stands on a completely flat surface, or the drum rotation can get pretty loud.
– There is no drying function, which many more expensive machines feature.
– If the electricity cuts out for any reason, the machine goes back to the beginning of the cycle, rather than pausing and starting again from where it was up to.

Overall Impression:

The 6kg capacity makes it ideal for a small family. It has a simple, compact design which is well suited to limited space in inner city apartments. Its dimensions are 90.4cm (height) x 56cm (width) x 55.5cm (depth). It weighs 29.5 kg. It is an attractive “silky grey” color.

Three is the magic number with the Godrej WT top Loader! It has three water level settings and three wash cycles, making it very straight-forward to use. The fully automatic machine offers a normal, heavy or delicate cycle and you can set the water level to suit the wash size. What more do you really need? The pulsating technology rotates the load at 360 degrees and is proven to clean ordinary household fabrics very effectively. The auto-balance feature prevents clothes from tangling, protects from damage and ensures every item gets a deep clean.

It is hard to beat Godrej on prices when compared to other models with similar capacity and functionality. The company is Indian owned and their products are manufactured right here in India, cutting out importers and other middle men and keeping the cost low for customers. 


Final Thoughts:

Young families and couples starting out should consider the Godrej WT top loader for their first washing machine. Clothes washing doesn’t need to be a science, or a complicated activity: you’ve got far better things to do with your time! Pop the clothes in the machine, select water level and wash cycle and press start. So simple, yet so effective. Rest in the knowledge that you are buying a trusted Indian brand.



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