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LG F1091NDL2 6 kg ReviewLG is a reputed company that produces a host of electronic products. The LG F1091NDL2 is a high quality front loading washing machine from the popular manufacturer. It has many features to make it one of the best front loading washing machines available in India today.

LG F1091NDL2 Main Features:

Advanced Fuzzy Logic: the best part about owning a fully automatic washing machine is that it requires no manual work. The LG F1091NDL2 uses its Fuzzy Logic Technology to automatically figure out the best wash program settings for you, all you need to do is dump your clothes inside the machine and press the start button.
Low Vibration and Noise: noise can be problematic for some users. Many cheaper washing machines go through a lot of vibration and create noise while functioning. The F1091NDL2 has very few movable mechanical parts thanks to its inverter direct drive technology. This gives you minimal noise and vibration along with durability and energy savings.
Quick 30: front loading washing machines usually take a little longer to finish their wash cycle but the LG F1091NDL2 comes with an Express wash option which can clean dirty clothes within a time period of just 30 minutes. This is a feature you will find yourself using quite frequently. It also has a baby wash features ideal for washing delicate children’s clothes.


  • – Decent installation support from LG
  • – Low water usage
  • – Compact in size for a 6 kg washing machine
  • – Good wash quality


  • – Requires separate purchase of stand and protective cover

Overall Impression:

Capacity and design: The LG F1091NDL2 is small in size (85x65x44cm) but weighs about 65 kg. It will not take up much space but at the same time it will not be very portable due to its weight. Overall, it is a high end fully automatic washing machine with a premium feel to it.

Performance: the quick 30 feature comes in handy for most home users whose clothes are not very soiled. You can get a quick wash within 30 minutes, however, should you choose to use a full cotton wash cycle the machine can take over 1.5 hours to complete. Apart from that, users were happy with the wash quality in general. Most users were surprised with the almost non-existent level of noise and vibration.


Final Thoughts:

If we factor in past buyers experiences then the LG F1091NDL2 is a washing machine that will seldom disappoint. It is designed to suit the needs of most modern nuclear families and if you are looking for a one touch washing machine, do consider this one.





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  2. Arijit

    I am planning to buy front load washing machine. We are 4 members in our family. Which capacity is suitable for us, 6 Kg or 7 Kg. Which brand do you recommend regarding the factor……
    1. Wash Quality
    2. Durability.
    3. Electricity power consumption.
    4. After sale service.

    1. shibu

      6 kg ,lg or whirlpool,questins 3 &4 both good with both companies

    2. Ramesh

      I recommend LG. Low noise and vibration. After sale service is good.


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