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LG F10B8NDL25 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine Review

LG F10B8NDL25 reviewWhen running a busy family household a washing machine is one household appliance that you really must have. It will save you time, much needed energy and your clothes will be that much cleaner. Using a fully automatic washing machine is so much easier than washing by hand or using a twin tub. However how do you choose a washing machine that will last for many years, that costs the right amount of money and is functional yet easy to use? Well below is a full review of the LG f10b8ndl25 washing machine which thankfully ticks all of these requirements.

LG F10B8NDL25 Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine (6 Kg, Luxury Silver)

by LG [LG]
Rank/Rating: 543817/-
Price: INR 36,790.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-07-17 14:58:50


  • – Variable spin speed functions.
  • – There is a useful self clean feature that cleans the inside parts of the machine.
  • – A handy pre wash function for in-ground dirt.
  • – A very useful quick wash function.
  • – Fuzzy Logic technology means no detergent suds are left on clothes.
  • – 6 Motion Technology for effective cleaning.
  • – Child lock safety feature.
  • – Comes with a respectable 2 year warranty.
  • – Anti rat cover is included in the machine.


  • – There is no ‘intense wash’ feature. .
  • – Only available in silver not white

Overall Impression:

Capacity and Design: The LG f10b8ndl25 measures 600 x 850 x 440 mm (width x height x depth). The door size is 300 mm, so it is wider than many similar sized models making loading and unloading your clothes that much easier.

The washing machine is free standing.

The stainless steel drum is encased in a toughened plastic body.
All controls are placed on the front of the machine above the door. There is a dial control for all of the wash cycles, with some additional push button controls for the additional features. There is also an LED display.

The washing machine weighs 70kg with a load capacity of 6kg. Therefore this is a perfect size for a family load of washing.

Performance: LG state that this washing machine has 6 Motion Technology. This means there are 6 different ways of moving the clothes within the machine. This helps to give a really intense wash and deep clean. Some of the different types of motion include rubbing, rolling and tumbling. The type of motion used depends upon the type of material being washed and its dirt level.

The fastest spin speed is 1000 rpm, which is incredibly fast. This will therefore leave your clothes that much drier and should as a direct result, dry that much quicker when hung out to dry.

The 6 wash programs are: Baby-care; cotton; cotton Eco; easy care; wool and sports wear. Therefore no matter what garment you need to wash, there will be a wash program you can use. The baby care wash program washes clothes up to a temperature of 95 Celcius.

There is a self clean function which can help prologue the effectiveness and performance of the machine. This program is run with an empty load and will clean all of the internal parts.

You can set variable spin speeds depending on your type of wash. So for example if you have put in a load of towels, a fast spin wash would be desirable in order to get them as dry as possible.

The Fuzzy Logic wash action feature is particularly useful as this allows your clothes to be detergent free after the wash cycle. It can also help determine the appropriate wash program.

The quick wash function allows you to wash clothes when you are in a hurry, but the end result is exactly the same as a full wash, it just uses a lower temperature.

The pre-wash function allows you to make sure that very dirty and muddy clothes will come out exceptionally clean.

Other useful features include a child lock that is ideal if you have young children and don’t want them to accidentally start the washing machine. The timer function is also useful if you need to put in a load of washing but will not be at home to do so.


Final Thoughts:

The LG F10B8NDL25 washing machine provides wonderful value when compared to similar 6kg makes on the market such as IFB and Siemens. This washing machine is incredibly easy to use and washes any type of garmet. It is simply fantastic value for money.

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