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LG P1515R3SA Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine Review

LG P1515R3SA Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine Review

The LG P1515R3SA Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (9.5 Kg, Burgundy) steps into the fairly cramped 15000-20000 Rupee price-range with huge promises from LG. They promised some advanced features both in washing and in drying. All for a very cheap price. They also promised a pretty good looking model that guarantees great stain removal. This is fairly common language from manufacturers trying to sell Semi’s because given that they involve more work than Fully-Automatics, you have to drive sales by emphasizing low prices and top notch results. Well, we’re about to find out whether this particular attempt at a popular Semi-Automatic really lived up to expectations. Here’s what I found out when I took a closer look.

LG P1515R3SA Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (9.5 Kg, Burgundy)

by LG [LG]
Rank/Rating: 114310/-
Price: INR 16,741.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-06-22 09:58:59


  • Nice Design
  • Cheap Price
  • Roller-Jet Pulse 3
  • Huge 9.5 Kg Capacity
  • Air-Dry (helps clothes smell good)
  • Rat-Away Technology


  • Semi-Automatic
  • 3 Wash Programs

How does it wash your clothes?

The method is called Roller-Jet Pulse 3. But lets rewind for a second. Once upon a time the Pulsator wash method was born. It sent gushing water into the Drum at high speed during the wash to help get stains out. The water provided the friction needed to move clothes around and wash them. It’s rival was Agitation. Agitators have a Rod in the base of the Drum that does exactly the same thing. The Rod mechanism made Agitators a little harsher on clothes than the Pulsators water shuffling method. But they where better at getting stains out. So the choice was between the gentle, better for clothes Pulsation that might leave a few tough stains on but doesn’t damage garments, and the tough Agitation that gets all stains out but does it in way that is rough on clothes.

When Roller Jet Pulse 3 came out it was supposed to be the happy medium between these two competing factions. It has 3 more added pulsators in the base of the Drum all tossing water out at high speed, so more water. And it has 3 added Roller-Jets also in the base for tossing clothes around. Because of the added high-speed spurts of water and the extra Rollers it could wash in a rougher way than the normal Pulsator while still using water, so remaining gentle. I was very pleased with it’s inclusion here because it largely does what it was intended to do. It cleans well, much better than your average Pulsator and it uses about as much water as an Agitator. Full marks to LG. The best of both worlds.

What do you mean I have to do more work?

Well, Semi-Automatics need more effort on your part. With Fully-Automatics you just set the program and flip the start switch. Semi’s need you to manually fill the Tub with water. and drain it before you dry. You’ll also need to switch to drying yourself. It’s not going to do it for you like a Fully Automatic. So they’ll be some stooping and bending here. You have to be in the home throughout the wash cycle or it won’t get done. But they do save water because they don’t need a continuous flow. Although the savings won’t be huge here given that this is top loading so it needs clothes to be fully immersed. Are you good with some extra effort?

LG P1515R3SA Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (9.5 Kg, Burgundy)

Man this has some of the best drying of there

We’re talking Air-Dry here folks. Air-Dry blasts clothes with heat like a normal drier would do. Then it blasts them with warm air and the warm air gives them the kind of fresh smell that you just wouldn’t get with other driers. I’ve tested Air-Dry and I’ve seen it on other models by other manufacturers. It’s the future of drying and it’s becoming more and more common. the results are just incredible. For 16000 Rupees it represents great value here.

Rat-Away Technology

Interesting term because it’s not really a technology. It consists of Rat Repellent placed on plastic covers blocking the entrances to the inner workings of the machine. While the term is misleading the efforts made here to keep Rats out does work.


Very high capacity. Unusually high capacity for a machine under 20,000. It’ll be good for family over 8 people or less. You should always take off at least one-tenth of the capacity of any machine when you’re using it because best results aren’t possible in tightly packed machines. So the real capacity here is 9.4 kg which is still super-high

Wash Programs

So far this has been an excellent review but the major drawback are the wash programs. There’s only 3: Gentle, Normal and Strong. So you’re not going to be looking through and experimenting with huge numbers of alternative programs. There’s no fabric-specific programs. There’s no Extra Rinse. This will mean some buyers will choose something else because they like that aspect of owning a washing machine. They like tailoring each wash to the specific fabric inside. But those people who live hectic lives and just want a machine they can get to grips with quickly will love the lack of programs. Honestly though, gentle is too gentle for a great wash so miss it out completely. Generally Normal Wash will get most stains out because of the excellent Roller-Jet Pulse 3 Wash Method. But if you’ve got kids who come home filthy then you’ll want to go to Strong Wash.


Can you handle doing a little more work like draining and filling? Are you ok with a little more bending? Are you ok with only 3 Wash Programs? If you answered no to one of these questions then you’ll probably want to avoid this. But, if you don’t mind more work and the 3 Wash Programs wasn’t off-putting then you’re getting one hell of a great machine. I loved the Air-Dry because of the freshness you get from the warm air blowing through during the dry. I also liked the Rat Protection and the price. It’s cheap, the capacity is large and I’m a big fan of Roller-Jet Pulse 3 because it enables you to get nice stain removal without a huge Rod being in the Drum. Could be an excellent bargain for some people. Other’s will want to give it a miss. Thank you for reading.

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