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A Robust Family Washing Machine: LG P7853R3SABG

LG P7853R3SABG review

Modern families have a diverse range of washing needs and require a washing machine that is high quality, reliable and can meet any washing needs. Kids playing sports get uniforms muddy and need them spotless for the next game. Office jobs require pristine shirts and blouses. You need hygienically clean sheets and towels for your home. The LG P7853R3SABG Semi Automatic Top loader is an effective washing machine from a trusted brand and it can meet all of the needs of a busy household. In this review I’ll explore the performance and features of this robust machine.

LG 6.8 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P7853R3SA, Burgundy)

by LG [LG]
Rank/Rating: 88027/-
Price: INR 12,990.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-07-16 15:17:06


– For super stubborn stains, there’s an effective pre-soak function. With a little laundry soaker, it works wonders on whites.

– The detachable lint filters keep clothes free of sticking hairs, fibers and bobbles and also protects the pipes from clogging.

– The filters are very easy to remove, clean and replace. Just pop them in the sink with soapy water: you can even throw them in with your dishes!

– It dries effectively during the spin cycle: your clothes will only need a quick airing when they come out and the drum will be less susceptible to smelly mold and bacteria.

– Top loaders are always the best choice for people who need to protect their spine: none of the bending and stooping you have to do with front loading models.
– It doesn’t require any professional installation: just follow the manual’s easy instructions, plug it in and you’re ready to wash!


– It does shake around a little bit during the spin/drying cycle (not an earthquake, just a vigorous vibration!)

– Semi automatic designs tend to be a little noisier than their fully automatic counterparts.

Overall Impression:

The 6.8kg capacity of this machine means that it can easily cope with a big load of filthy kids’ clothing, a pile of towels or a full set of bedding. Its dimensions are 79.5cm x 97.5cm x 47cm. The durable plastic body is built to last and the attractive burgundy and white colors add a splash of brightness to your laundry.

Options for gentle, normal or heavy wash cycles mean that you’re in control and can choose the best setting for each load. Gentle for your silk work blouses, heavy for kids’ muddy soccer clothes, normal for day-to-day washing needs. The roller-jet pulsators increase friction and are really good for getting tough stains out of clothing. There’s also a unique collar scrubber to remove stains and grime from school uniforms or your best work shirt.

LG is a trusted brand, world renowned for quality electronics and white-ware and the price does reflect this. It compares favorably with other top brands such as Samsung and Panasonic.

The LG P7853R3SABG Top Loader has a customer rating of 4 stars on Flipkart. Many of the reviewers are impressed with the ease of use and consistently good wash results.

Final Thoughts:

Anyone looking for a washing machine that is robust, durable and effective on stubborn stains and heavy duty washing should give this LG top loader serious consideration. The 6.8kg capacity, wind jet dry and jet pulsators make it ideal for families of four to six members.


  1. Theo Dsouza

    I always look at the wash motor capacity and rpm, sometimes only the tub size is bigger with the same wash motor capacity

    1. Isabella

      yes! but not in all cases anyway!

  2. Pourus

    LG after sales service experience was pathetic. My front loading machine required attention after 3.5 years of service (approximately 1 hour of usage about 5-7 times in a MONTH).When the service technician eventually showed up he took a very brief (and half hearted) look and advised shipping the machine to work shop for repairs.
    He charged a fair amount for a 3 minute look over and did not have the courtesy to return the balance change.
    Disgusting experience.
    A technician (NOT from LG) eventually traced the problem to a faulty PCB (power circuit).
    I have since got the same PCB repaired twice again.I plan to purchase a NEW washing machine (definitely NOT LG) and move on.

  3. Isabella

    it is quite unfortunate that you have such experience but to be sincere with you LG is still part of company that is taking the lead when it comes to producing authentic product!
    but the choice is always yours to make…

  4. appliance servicing Auckland

    This washing machine is more complex than first thought. The other day, when my wife was doing a load of washing, it started to beep in an unusual fashion. 5 beeps every 6 seconds could be heard and then the machine would go into pause mode.


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