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LG T72CMG22P Top-loading Washing Machine Review

LG T72CMG22P Top-loading Washing Machine ReviewThe LG T72CMG22P is an automatic top loading washing machine that is quite easy to use and makes washing all the more convenient for you. It has a washing capacity of 6.2 kgs and is fuzzy logic enabled with a digital display. Its dimensions are 54 cm x 85 cm x 54 cm and will thus occupy minimal space in your laundry room and its washing method is punch +3 pulsator.

LG 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T72CMG22P, Marine Blue/Cool Grey)

by LG [LG]
Rank/Rating: 75312/-
Price: INR 18,290.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-07-17 10:16:37


1) It has a turbo drum which makes sure that your clothes do not get stuck during the cycle of washing since the drum is designed to rotate in the opposite direction of the pulsator.

2) It has a waterfall circulation that is designed to provide strong washing currents that are evenly distributed in the washing machine eventually improving the rinsing effect during the washing cycle.

3) The washing machine also comes with an antibacterial filter known as the smart filter, which makes your washing experience more hygienic as it is easy to use.

4) It uses the three pulsator technology which is best known for generating micro-currents that drive the water vertically into your clothing ensuring the detergents gets to the fibers of your clothing and that your washing comes out spectacularly clean.

5) The air dry system helps remove moisture from the washing machine reducing the drying time and thus ensuring you use less time doing the laundry.

6) The fuzzy logic system design is essential as it identifies the optimum settings for a wash cycle using its built in sensors.


1) When loading the washer or the drum you need to ensure that the clothes are evenly distributed as dropping them unevenly causes a lot of noise as the drum hits the sides of the washing machine.

2) The machine does not have hot water features.
The machine is safe and perfect for use at home. The instructions are easy to follow as it comes with a guide for use. It also has a child lock ensuring your kids are safe around it. The antibacterial features also make it very hygienic keeping your family safe from bacteria in clothes. The stainless steel tub repels any stains and odors thus you can be sure that your clothes will not get stained from using it. This feature also increases the durability of your machine as it does not easily rust. The buttons are located at the top and can be reached easily. It is also made easier with the LCD screen that displays the programs and the wash time while highlighting any errors you may make while pressing the buttons. With the memory backup option you do not have to start the machine from the start in case of a power failure as it will recall the saved controls and continue with the process which is very convenient.

Final Thoughts:

The machine is worth the price as it gives you excellent services and thus offers you good value for your money. It is more reliable as compared to the LG T7270TDDL which is in the same price range but but does not have the delicate and heavy wash features.

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  1. Dipti

    Not worth a penny!!! Would
    Not recommend to anyone…Bought it 5 years back and got it repaired thrice since then paying INR 3000 on an average!!


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