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Videocon Typhoon Plus WM VS60B11-DM Review

 Videocon Typhoon Plus WM VS60B11-DM ReviewThe average home needs regular washing of clothes, curtains, bed sheets and other household fabrics. The need for a suitable washing machine that is capable of handling all these tasks with ease is thus imperative. No other domestic washing machine does this job more perfectly than the Videocon Typhoon plus WM VS60B11-DM washing machine. Its features, technical specifications, advantages and shortcomings form the basis of the proceeding review:

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Features and Specifications

· Product Dimensions: 89 cm high by 43.5 cm wide by 75 cm deep

· Control Type: Semi Automatic

· Load Type: Top Loading

· Washing Capacity: 6 kg

· Color: Dark Maroon

· Dimensions: 43.5 cm x 89 cm x 75 cm

· Washing Method: Multie Pulsator



· Outstanding Results: This washing machine does return outstanding results to its users owing to the fact that it does have a pretty large washing capacity of 6 kg coupled with the fact that it does remove germs from clothing due to its anti-bacterial technology.

· Ease of Set Up: This machine is pretty easy to set up. It only needs to be plugged into the socket and switched on. It does not in any way require lots of technical expertise to operate.

· Versatility: This machine is suited for the accomplishing of all cleaning related tasks due to the existence of three different washing modes that are designed to cover every aspect of cleaning.

· Safety and Security: It does have a water level indicator to notify users of the water levels in the cleaning drum beside other safety features that prevent electrical shocks e.t.c.


· It is not large enough to accommodate blankets, large curtains, and duvets. It therefore has limited applications.


Final Verdict:

The search for the ideal home washing machine comes to an abrupt end with the encounter with Videocon Typhoon plus WM VS60B11-DM washing machine. That’s because it embodies all the traits of the ideal washing machine outlined above in a single, compact and comprehensive package.

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