Who am I?

I am 28 year old guy from Jaipur currently living in Bangalore. I work as a data analyst for Genpact.

When I was a kid, I remember watching motorbikes on the street and I knew all the features of every bike and could discuss about the motor-cycles even with the grown ups. In my teens I was more interested in mobile phones. I remember buying a Palm Pixi smartphone for Rs.5000. And no one around me even knew that brand or model. It was a great phone, had both a touch screen and keypad. I still have it.

Everyone in my family asks me about what products to buy. Back in the day, I used to keep an eye out for discounts and deals (still do but not as much as before). People just thought of me as a geeky guy interested in technology.

Why I made this site?

I figured I could make some money with all this knowledge, discuss technology with like-minded people. Helping people would be a nice bonus too. Other than that, I just enjoy it. It’s not and has never been boring to me to know about the different tech products and their latest technologies. I also get a lot of pleasure from sifting through the marketing gimmicks and choosing the right products for myself.

Where the Magic Happens:

Where I work


Why don’t you use your real picture?

I don’t know. I’m the sort of guy who doesn’t post any updates on facebook or changes Whatsapp DP too often (annoying I know). It’s almost as if I don’t want how I look currently to be documented, until I look better. The animated pic is good approximation of how I look. To be honest, I am 5’9′ and weigh around 90kg’s, so it’s not a very pretty sight anyways. Too much about me, I’ll stop.

What I currently own:


  • Acer Aspire E 15 laptop (i5, 8GB RAM)
  • Logitech G103 Gaming Mouse
  • Tecknet 30cm Mousepad
  • Hathway Broadband Connection
  • Nilkamal Desktop Table
  • Perfect Homes By Flipkart Chair


  • Redgear Gaming Headphones
  • Sony MDR Bluetooth Headphones
  • F&D Speakers
  • Artis Bluetooth Speaker
  • Cord AD150 Guitar
  • Yamaha PSR-E353 Keyboard

Will add links and details later….

How can I contact you?

Just comment on any of my articles or email me at:

raknahs.singh@gmail.com       (raknahs = shankar in reverse)

That’s all about me, let me know if I should any other info here.


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