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10 Best Cheap Home Gym Equipment Options For Indians

10 Best Cheap Home Gym Equipment Options For Indians

No one is judging you for wanting to set-up a home gym. You may not have a gym in your locality or the ones available are too expensive. Maybe you just like working out in your time and pace. All plausible reasons.

Unless you are a gym buff though, you may not be aware of all the options available for a home gym. And because I am Indian, I really only seek cheap home gym equipment (below Rs. 5000). So that’s the idea behind this article, here we go….

(Click on the respective Image to go to Amazon and check price.)

1. Dumbbells

Nothing more manly than pumping out Iron and watching those muscles flare up. They are pretty easy to use and don’t require much training. Rubber dumbbells can be had for below Rs.1500.

2. Yoga Mat

India is the land of Yoga, do yourself a favor and get one immediately (even if you don’t use it). If you do use it though, I’m proud of you. Can be bought for around Rs. 500

3. Something For Your Abs

Hey hey now. Nothing sexier than a flat stomach. Doesn’t matter if man or woman. There are a bunch of cheap options for abs exercises, so pick your elixir (get it?), I would recommend a ab cruncher though. INR 1500 (Approx)

4. Pull-up Bar

You know there is something poetic about being able to pull up your own weight. I can barely manage to do 1 pull-up, hopefully you can do more. Costs around Rs. 1500

5. Exercise Bands

You can use exercise bands for a number of different work outs and they are fairly cheap. Strengthening you wrist, expanding your chest, uhhh something with legs….the world is your oyster. About 1000 bucks.

6. Gym Bench

Hey, it doubles as a ironing board. It does take a lot of space though, so only get them if you are sure you will use it or if you’ve been chest presses on the bed. Closer to Rs. 3000.

7. Weighing Scale

It just occurred to me, you may want to set up a home gym because you are too embarrassed to go to a public gym. Well, more power to you in that case, self-improvement is a worthy goal and I wish you luck. Get a weighing scale to track your progress. About 800 bucks.

8. Gym Ball

I see celebrities use this! So it must be good. Jokes aside, gym balls are really good for core strengthening and spinal exercises. Rs.1000 (approx)

9. Jump Rope

Because why not. It’s the easiest home exercise and kind of fun. Below Rs. 500.

10. Mirrors, Music, DVD’s etc.

My biggest complain with home gyming is that it can get quite boring. So spice things up with some music, educational DVD’s and mirrors. Price you probably already know.


Well, these should be enough to get you in shape and you can get all of these for about Rs.10000. If you have the budget though, go for something posh like treadmills or some fancy Home Gym Machine. In either case, no more excuses for being out of shape.

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