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5 Of The Best Refrigerators In India

5 Of The Best Refrigerators In India

Although they are casually bought without much research, refrigerators are very essential. These electric appliances are common in modern houses and aid in keeping food and drinks fresh. Fridges utilize electric motors technology to facilitate the cooling process. Choosing the right refrigerator is not a walk in the park. It requires adequate research. Reviewed below are the Best Refrigerators in India (2020).

1) Haier 195 Direct Cooling Single Door Refrigerator

 Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (HRD-1954PMG-F, Mirror Glass, Base drawer)

This type of refrigerator uses direct cooling technology, to enhance freshness for a prolonged period. This model comes with a capacity of approximately 220-liters. Shelves’ height is flexible i.e they can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. In addition, it has the ability to deep freeze up to -5 degrees Celsius within sixty minutes. It also contains a fresh block that has vitamin C which keeps fruits and vegetables in the vegetable compartment fresh for up to one week. It comes with a freezer that has a cooling pad that helps in maintaining the optimum temperature for half a day case of power issues. This appliance also prevents bacterial infection in the fridge as it has an anti-fungal gasket;


a) It is suitable for unmarried people and small families.

b) It is easy to use as it has very clear instructions

c) It is budget-friendly yet performs best.

d) Its reviews are positive and no complaints so far.

e)Shelves are removable and can be adjusted.

f) its energy efficient and pocket friendly


a) The freezer space is less (18 liters) thus large meat and fish quantities cant be stored.

b) It lacks an open door alarm or a box for beauty products or medicine which are advanced features of other fridges

2) LG190L Cool Single Refrigerator

LG190L Cool Single Refrigerator

This brand comes in stylish colors, to add on, it has a capacity of 190-liter and 12.2-liter vegetable compartment, this refrigerator contains all the basic features for a typical Indian family. Moreover, It has a cool and fresh compartment for storing desserts and milk. Additionally, it contains a wide shelf at the bottom for keeping vegetables, that don’t require refrigeration. This brand is unique in a way that, it can operate optimally using solar energy. Its shelves are reinforced with toughened glass, with a capacity of 175 kg. Its antibacterial property prevents bacteria and fungus from infecting it. The ice-making process is speeded up by a patented ice tray that is mixed with aluminum. Powercut Evercool Lite helps maintain the operating temperatures for a period of up to 9 hours in case of power loss.


a) It is well rated by customers with an overall rating of at least 4.3/5.

b) it is more attractive as the bottom shelf hides its legs giving it an eye-appealing look.

c) It is suitable for big families.

d) Its energy-efficient.

e) It can be used in rural areas.


a) it has complaints of slow delivery.

3) Samsung 212L Direct Cool Refrigerator

Samsung 212L Direct Cool Refrigerator

Samsung has a larger capacity compared to the two brands mentioned above. This refrigerator has a fresh cool compartment. It also contains a freezing compartment for keeping milk. Additionally, it contains a big bottle guard that ensures enough space for keeping larger bottles. It also equipped with reinforced glass shelves capable of holding up to 150 kg. The presence of an anti-bacterial property prevents fungus and bacteria from forming inside the refrigerator.


a)Appealing looks with recess handle

b)Easy-slide shelves

c)It can handle voltage fluctuations

d)It has a door lock


a)It lacks a small vegetable compartment.

b) It has a high consumption rate.

4) Whirlpool Refrigerator

Whirlpool 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

It has a 190-liter capacity. It comes in different colors, thus you can pick one depending on your taste and color preference. Some of the unique features of this brand are; it utilizes an advanced cooling technology that is capable of maintaining cool temperatures for 12 hours. It is therefore the fastest brand in ice making (it is two times faster compared with some of the refrigerators mentioned above). its main advantage is its large size and the temperature can be set as low as –26 degrees Celsius. It is also equipped with a special utility compartment to prevent drugs(medicine) from contamination.


a)Convertible refrigerator

b)Best looking refrigerator

c) it has the best cooling ability


a) it is expensive than others

5) LG 260 L r Refrigerator

LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

This brand comes with special features that facilitate the cooling process in an efficient manner. This refrigerator not only cools the major compartments but also door shelves. Its air vents come with a deodorizing feature, which eliminates bad odor in the compartments without affecting anything stored in the fridge.

Additionally, it comes with a special power reserve feature, that ensures cool temperatures even in the event of a prolonged power loss. Its humidity control feature makes it possible to control moisture content inside the storage compartment, thus prolonging the lifespan of fruits and fresh vegetables. Moreover, this refrigerator is equipped with an automates smart door alarm that notifies the user if the door is left unchecked for a minute or more and a special child lock feature. It also uses solar smart technology. It contains an internal system Diagnosis feature that identifies any malfunction and reports directly to the manufaturer or the nearest service providers.


a)Low energy consumption

b) it has an In-built stabilizer

c) It has a lot of smart features

d)It can be used in rural areas


a) its not equpped with lighting system inside the compartments

b) There are no adjustable shelves to one’s height

c) it does not have flexible shelves( equipped with rigid shelves)

d) It also requires installation charges

Choosing an appropriate refrigerator is not simple as it sounds especially, with all the plethora, available out there currently. Choose the right refrigerator according to your needs, and be sure to check its energy ratings. To invest wisely, you can stick to trusted brands, depending on your desired budget and storage needs.

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