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Best Air Cooler In India 2019 - Best Machine Reviews

Best Air Cooler In India 2019

Best Air Cooler In India 2019

It occurred to me last night that I should be introducing you guys to the best air cooler in India 2019. After all, the air coolers are the ‘darlings’ of the summer months. I bought one a few weeks back to beat the torturous heat at my place. For those who don’t know, I live in Bangalore. The summer months over here are scorching, annoying, and fiery, to say the least. Without a good cooling system, you will sweat like a pig. Recounting on one of the peak summer days; I almost felt like I was being fried alive by Mother Nature. Call it wisdom, good fortune, or a mix of both; the air cooler that I bought is performing like a champ. And, I didn’t even spend a substantial amount of money for it.

Surviving the summer without an AC

If the notorious summer is bothering you too, go for an air cooler by all means. It will cost you far less than an air conditioner, and it will still make your summer easy. That said, you would be happy doing anything else than shortlisting the best air cooler from the myriad of choices available in the market today. It’s a tantalizing job! Don’t worry; I have already made the sacrifice during my lookout for the best air cooler in India 2019. So, you won’t have to fry your brain like I did. I will give you the names of the best products almost right away.

Criteria For Choosing The Best Air Coolers:

Too many marketing gimmicks these days, you always should set aside a criteria based on which you will make the purchase. Think of them as the ideal qualities you would in an air cooler. Let me tell you the factors that were taken into consideration when deciding on the air coolers in this article:

  • High Speed Motor
  • Less Energy Consumption
  • Built for Indian Conditions
  • Portability
  • Durability
  • Good Brand
  • Budget Friendly
  • Value for Money

Best Air Cooler in India 2019: Top Five Products

1. Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler

Crompton has a lengthy history of making air coolers that are highly suitable for Indian conditions. In fact, their energy-efficient and modern-looking air coolers have always been the first choice among Indian consumers. This 75-litre air cooler will sit comfortably in any corner of the room, and still make your summer cool and pleasant. Having stayed in a household that owned this air cooler, I must admit that this thing throws out very chilled air. For starters, the company behind the product claims that this unit is capable of cooling a room size up to 550 square feet. When queried, a host of past users have confirmed that this claim is absolutely true.

As advertised, the power consumption of this unit is also pretty low. So, you won’t have to worry about your electricity bill. That said, the upfront cost of this air cooler is a few notches higher than other similar products. But, it takes nothing away from the value proposition that this cooler offers. Past users have echoed the fact that it’s totally worth the asking price and a hell lot more.

-The cooler features honeycomb cooling pads for increased cooling capacity.
-It can cool even a large room pretty fast. The best part is that it can cover the entire room with its coolness.
-The air throw distance is also pretty good, and this cooler permits cross ventilation.
-Credit to the vertical design; the cooler takes less real estate space. And, it features lockable wheels for easy movement.
-To help users shop with confidence, Crompton offers a solid one-year warranty on this air cooler.
-In its price segment, this air cooler is a competition-destroyer. It’s one of the best-selling air coolers in the market today.

-As hinted earlier, the cost of this air cooler is a little higher than usual.
-It doesn’t come with a remote control, which appears to be a surprising omission for a top-notch cooler of this nature.

2. Vistara Scala Personal Air Cooler 18 Liters Air Cooler

 Vistara Scala Personal Air Cooler 18 Liters Air Cooler with Ice Chamber (White)

The Vistara Scala Personal Air Cooler 18 Liters Air Cooler is another best air cooler in India 2019 that can help you stay relaxed in this hot and humid climate. This thing is silent, powerful, energy-efficient, all at the same time. And, the technology behind the product ensures powerful and efficient cooling with no gaseous refrigerants. The best part is that this thing draws fresh air from open doors and windows for a continuous supply of cool and fresh air. In other words, it doesn’t circulate the trapped air like other similar coolers out there. Therefore, I can vouch for this cooler’s efficiency without missing a heartbeat.

-The Vistara Scala Cooler features a highly efficient and powerful motor. Yet, it consumes way less than 8W power.
-When used in a small room, it almost gives the same cooling effect of an AC.
-This cooler is built to be highly energy efficient. So, you won’t see much difference in your electricity bill.
-The noise level of this cooler is surprisingly low for a product of this nature.
-The air cooler is pretty small and compact. It can be easily moved around from one room to another.
-This Vistara Air Cooler is backed by a fairly generous 12-month warranty.

-The cooler has an 18-liter capacity. So, it won’t work for the entire night. You will have to refill the tank every 3-4 hours.
-There isn’t much speed difference in high, medium, or low mode. That said, the cooler does its intended job very well.

3. Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto Plus Atlanto+ CO-110 45 L Air Cooler

Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto Plus Atlanto+ CO-110 45 L Air Cooler

Having purchased this cooler for my personal needs, I can tell you that this air cooler is one of the best in the market today. The cooler provides strong air delivery like nobody’s business. It has a 45-liter capacity for round the clock cooling, and its ideal for a room size of 600 square feet. And, this thing comes with an ice chamber that can be filled with ice cubes to enjoy AC equivalent cooling. The power rating of this cooler is also pretty high to maintain powerful cooling at all times. Right from the performance to the packaging, everything about this air cooler is pretty much spot on. The best part is that this thing can work on an inverter during times of power cut. Frankly speaking, this air cooler fulfills all my needs beautifully. Therefore, I have nothing but high regards for this air cooler.

-The company behind this air cooler has been in the business for four decades, and they back this cooler with a one-year warranty.
-The tank on this thing is infused with anti-bacterial material to curb/prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.
-The 45-litre tank frees you from the trouble of constantly refilling the cooler.
-It consumes far less energy than other similar coolers. Even my neighbours are thinking of getting this air cooler.
-This cooler is fitted with high-quality castor wheel, making it easy to move the product in and out of the room.
-The Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto Plus Air Cooler is smartly constructed from shockproof materials to ensure user safety.

-The noise level of this cooler is somewhat high. In fact, the noise level is almost the same as that of a typical noisy fan.

4. Symphony Jumbo 51-Litre Air Cooler

Symphony Jumbo 51-Litre Air Cooler

Symphony enjoys a 40% market stake in the branded air cooler market in today’s age and time. Needless to say, I would have done a great deal of injustice with you guys by not recommending a product from this top-notch brand. In terms of quality and price, there are no close seconds to this air cooler. Fitted with a 51-litre tank, the Symphony Jumbo 51-Litre Air Cooler is an ideal cooling system for large rooms. This thing can make your room as chilly as it is in the winter seasons without consuming a lot of electricity. You will almost feel like you are using an air conditioner without actually spending a huge chunk of cash. The noise level on this thing is also medium and not abruptly high like other similar coolers out there. This cooler is truly built to give users a very cool experience.

-The cooler is surprisingly very compact and portable. Also, the parts of this air cooler are not average by any means.
-Most of the past users have echoed the fact that the cooling on this thing is far better than the competition.
-The technicians at Symphony are extremely polite and well-trained. All service requests are nicely handled by them.
-This unit has a powerful air throw, which effectively means that it will cool your room within minutes.
-It allows cross-ventilation. And, this unit features larger than usual cooling pads to offer enhanced cooling.
-Like most other Symphony coolers out there, there’s a one-year warranty on this model too.

-This model lacks a remote. I really couldn’t find any other flaw in this air cooler.

5. Kenstar Cyclone-12 50-Litre Air Cooler

 Kenstar Cyclone-12 50-Litre Air Cooler (White)

This is another well-made air cooler that I have used in the past without any fuss. At the time, this product popped up in many reviews on what kind of air cooler is the best in India. After numerous product comparisons, I settled on this air cooler. And I don’t regret it one bit. I am using a new one though because I have passed on this product to my sibling. That said, I know everything that I need to know about this air cooler. This thing is capable of delivering unmatched cooling effect like no other similar cooler in its price spectrum.  Let me also tell you that this thing is really low maintenance because it doesn’t require constant water refuelling and it doesn’t eat a lot of power. Not to undermine the fact that Kenstar is one of the leading air cooler brands in India.

-It comes with adjustable speed options that can help you reduce or increase the cooling effect based on your needs.
-It weighs only around 18 kg, and it looks classy as well. Also, this cooler won’t take a lot of space in your room.
-The inbuilt ice chamber can hold 40-50 cubes of ice. It’s a nice way to boost the cooling effect.
-This cooler is built to last. Seriously, it can hold up well for several years and beyond.
-The large water tank ensures full night cooling. In fact, the water can easily last for ten plus hours.
-It cools the room within 10-15 minutes with less noise than other similar air coolers out there.

-This thing doesn’t come with caster wheels. But, there is a provision to add them.

What Type of Air Cooler should you get?

Generally speaking, there are two main categories of air coolers: desert air cooler and room air cooler. As the name hints, the room air cooler keeps re-circulating the air present inside the room. It’s suitable for moderate humidity. If you live in the hotter corner of India, you would be better off with a desert air cooler as opposed to a room air cooler. Desert air cooler is usually kept near the doors and windows as it sucks outside air and circulates it inside the room. So, it can absorb a relatively larger amount of heat from the environment in comparison to a room air cooler. I have included both types of air coolers in this product review so that this article can cater to the needs of most future buyers out there.

Final Words:

Zoning out the best air cooler in India 2019 wasn’t a walk in the park. That said, I had convincing advantages over other shoppers because of my experiences with most of these products and my passion for reviewing products. So, feel free to pull the trigger on these air coolers because they are truly a cut above the scope.

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