best semi automatic washing machine in india

Semi-automatic washing machines refuse to wane in popularity because of their budget friendliness. Admittedly, front loading washing machines provide a better wash quality but are twice as expensive. For those on a tight budget, these machines provide an affordable alternative. To choose the best semi automatic washing machine in India, we consider the overall features, buyer reviews and the customer service provided by the manufacturer.


LG P7853R3SABG 6.8kg

LG P7853R3SABG review

The 6.8kg capacity of this machine means that it can easily cope with a big load of filthy kids’ clothing, a pile of towels or a full set of bedding. Its dimensions are 79.5cm x 97.5cm x 47cm. LG is a trusted brand, world renowned for quality electronics and white-ware and the price does reflect this. It compares favorably with other top brands such as Samsung and Panasonic. Read Full Review…

Electrolux 6.7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Euro Glitz, Luminous Pink)

Electrolux 6.7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

This machine is going to appeal to a certain kind of buyer. The buyer who wants something cheap and simple that’ll get stains out and won’t take up much space, will like this model. The buyer who doesn’t like tinkering around with wash programs because they have a busy life and just wants to get a wash done, will also like this. Buyers whose sole concern is their budget will love this as it’s priced at just over 8000. But, if you like lots of programs and that aspect of individuality you get from fabric-specific programs then it’s not for you.  As far as stains go, I liked the wash method and I think it genuinely is an improvement on the old Pulsation method. Read Full Review…

Videocon Typhoon Plus WM VS60B11-DM 6 kg

Videocon Typhoon Plus WM VS60B11-DM Review

This washing machine does return outstanding results to its users owing to the fact that it does have a pretty large washing capacity of 6 kg coupled with the fact that it does remove germs from clothing due to its anti-bacterial technology. It does have a water level indicator to notify users of the water levels in the cleaning drum beside other safety features that prevent electrical shocks e.t.c. Read Full Review…

LG P1515R3SA Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine

LG P1515R3SA Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine Review

Very high capacity on this washing machine (9.5kg). Unusually high capacity for a machine under 20,000. It’ll be good for family over 8 people or less. This is an excellent review but the major drawback are the wash programs. There’s only 3: Gentle, Normal and Strong. So you’re not going to be looking through and experimenting with huge numbers of alternative programs. Read Full Review…

Onida 6.5 kg Washer Only (WS65WLPT1LR Liliput)

Onida 6.5 kg Washer Only (WS65WLPT1LR Liliput) Review

A no-frills washing machine designed to do just one thing: wash clothes. Very affordable at less than Rs.5000 from some sellers, the Onida WS65WLP2 is probably the cheapest branded washer (note: only washer, no dryer) you can buy. There are only 2 wash programs and no digital display, although it does have a buzzer to alert you when it is done, plus+ the washer needs just 270 watt of power to function and that is relatively less compared to others. Don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity though, it does it’s job of washing clothes perfectly well. Do check it out. Read Full Review…

Summing Up:

All the machines in this list cost between Rs. 5000-15000 which represents the lower end of the washing machines market. If you are looking for something more power full, take a look at the best front loading washing machines in India. If budget remains a concern, you can also consider a top loading washing machine which provides a decent wash quality without much manual work.

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