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    Prof. Kamal Jit Chhibber, Advocate

    IFB manufactures very inferior quality Washing machines which do not work properly even during the warranty period and may make you spend regularly on their repair and maintenance after expiry of warranty period. There is very irresponsible management of the company which has been found acting unethically even on petty issues and giving no heed to customer complaints, I had purchased one washing machine of this company which did not work well even during warranty period and matter had to be taken to consumer court and criminal court against thee management’s unethical and unfair trade practices. The machine had to be kept under annual maintenance contract of the company for having its service by spending around Rs. 3,000/- annually for the same for years together, The company which has earned thousands from me on this machine is now not prepared to even give annual maintenance contract for the same as it has become old and they suspect that it may require them to spend on it during the period of annual maintenance . My First few requests for Annual maintenance contract were not even registered and on my protesting against this the company though registered the request and gave me ticket No1000717392 dt 28.11.17 for this and stated that their technician will contact me shortly but the same has not been done even after two days. The company which can not honour its commitment even on such petty issues how can it be expected to honour their big claims which they make about the quality of their products, though falsely to sell them under their mis-representations and fraud , This conducts attract their prosecution but they are still doing it without bothering for the same. Their service center people are step ahead of them. If they are called for checking the fault of the machine, they on coming demand 3 types of charges independent of each other namely their visit charges, labour chargees and cost of the part of the machine required to be changed . This force the customer to ask for AMC rather than paying them in thee said arbitrary manner. Their one employee Manoj Singh even defrauded and cheated me of Rs. 5,500 and matter was reported to the police, So the people who want peaceful life may consider the experiences of others in respect of IFB products rather than inviting tension and litigation for them after buying such products under IFB’s big false claims. When I bought their machine they claimed that after buying their machine there will be life long satisfactory service of the same even one such service was not even for a year

    • Shankar Singh
      Shankar Singh

      Hmm…yeah. People keep telling me about IFB products. That’s why I don’t include them on any of my lists. You’ve already contacted the police, I hope it works out for you. Thanks for the warning.

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