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10 Key Items You Should Never Put in the Washing Machine

10 Key Items You Should Never Put in the Washing Machine

10 Key Items You Should Never Put in the Washing Machine

Doing laundry isn’t a simple task as many people might think. There are unsuitable things that can not only damage your favorite item but also your washing machine. It’s therefore important to put into consideration the dos and don’ts for an efficient and effective laundry. Most individuals only have one tip that it isn’t right to mix white and colored clothes when doing laundry. Below are 10 items you should never put in the washing machine.

1. Suits

Suits are normally made of high-quality fabric that can easily shrink and tear. Suits are high-priced clothing, therefore it’s important if you consider dry cleaning rather than using a washing machine. Your suit can tear even due to a delicate cycle in the washing machine. In between dry cleaner drop-offs, an individual should always use a steamer to de-wrinkle the suit.

2. Beaded, Embroidered, or Sequined Items

It’s not advisable to use your washing machine in cleaning your beautiful items covered in embroidery or beading. Most specifically, the glued beaded items. In addition, take maximum care before washing items made with lace. The key reason behind this is that they can tear or rip in your washer. This can happen, especially if your washer rubs against clothing that has buttons, zippers, or hooks. It’s, therefore, advisable to dry clean or hand wash these items.

3. Coins and Keys

It’s a great idea if you double-check your pockets to identify if there’s any coins or keys before starting your laundry. It might seem harmless if the keys or coins stay put in the entire washing period but if they get loose they will cause serious damage to your washing machine. If the keys or coins go beyond the filter, there will damage the drain pump of your washing machine. In addition, if these items get stuck in your washing machine drain, they will damage the drum, block water, and shatter your washers glass.

4. Lingerie

The hooks and wire found in most lingerie can critically damage your washing machine, especially the interior parts. It’s therefore, a good idea if you hand wash your lingerie. Also, you can invest in a protective mesh bag because it will not only secure your washing machine but also your lingerie.

5. Leather Shoes

A washing machine can be helpful in cleaning some sneakers but leather shoes can shrink thus reducing its quality. The main reason behind this is that a washing machine can damage the leather shoe. It’s, therefore, safe to hand wash your expensive leather shoes and then leaving them to air dry.

6. Flammable stains

In case you spill paint thinner, gas or any other combustible solvent on your clothing, don’t use a washing machine to clean the clothing. The key reason behind this is that the heat in your washing machine can cause a fire due to the flammable stains. Scientific research shows that you can spot-treat the spill with a solvent-based stain remover then use your washing machine to clean the pollutants after at least ten minutes. You should machine wash only the affected clothing to prevent other clothing from conducting toxic stains. The perfect way to deal with flammable clothing is by hand washing the stained clothes with warm water with liquid detergents.

7. Pet Hair-Covered Clothing

If you’re a pet owner, you already know that some pets such as dogs and cats lose their hair at any given time. It’s a great idea to use a brush or a lint roller to remove all the hair from your clothing before cleaning them with a washing machine. When you wash your clothing without removing all the hair, they will become wet and then stick on the sides of your washing machines. This will, therefore, lead to a transfer of the hair to your next load of laundry. In addition, this hair can clog your washing machine’s pipes.

8. Embellished Garments

It isn’t advisable to use your washing machine when cleaning your embellished garments. This is because the hot water in your washing machine can break the adhesive in case of glued clothing.

9. Swimwear

Consider to hand wash your swimsuits in warm water to maintain their shape. Swimwear shouldn’t be put in a washing machine because it loses its elasticity. Swimsuits are non-resistant to heat.

10. Baby sock

Small items such as baby clothes and socks can get stuck in washing machine parts, especially the vents and hoses. You can use an enclosed mesh bag to prevent the loss of your socks.

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