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Cleaning and Sanitizing A Washing Machine

Cleaning and Sanitizing A Washing Machine

Cleaning and Sanitizing A Washing Machine

The moment it dawns on you how much you spend on replacing home appliances each time one fails, you will realize that proper maintenance is the key to minimizing such costs. Washing machine is a case in point. Like any other machine, it requires proper maintenance to ensure that it remains functioning for quite a long time. For this matter, this article discusses every detail that relates to cleaning washing machine to sanitize it and remove smells.

Importance of Periodic Cleaning of Washing Machines

It’s a general rule of thumb that front loading washing machines get less dirty overtime and are easier to clean. If you are looking to buy one, here is a expert list on the best washing machines. Normally, frequent usage of a washing machine leaves it in a state that requires proper cleaning. Harmful bacteria from dirty clothes, residue of detergent used and hard water soap scum, tend to accumulate on the equipment each time it’s used. Therefore, when such stuff piles up, the machine suffers the risk of malfunctions, not to mention your clothes may absorb stinky smell from the machine.

Basically, the idea is to ensure that the machine remains in a working condition for a longer time. Secondly, is to maintain a good hygiene from clean and fresh smelling clothes; and finally, acquire the required satisfaction as the user.

How to Clean and Sanitize a Washing Machine

To achieve excellent results, you need to clean both the inside and the outside of your washing machine. It is important to note that care should be observed while doing this. This is to say, the machine should maintain a good condition even after cleaning. A smooth piece of cloth and dish soap is all you need for the cleaning. Pay attention to details such as; not using a lot of water while cleaning the controls part of the machine, and clearing out any hidden bacteria, dirt or scum from the soap used .

Sanitization of the machine is a little more complicated as compared to just doing the general cleaning. It is majorly done on the interior part. Though the process may be quite involving, it can only be done just once a month. The steps below should be followed.

First you need to use a damp cloth to wipe out the dirt from the inside part of the washer. Secondly, using hot water and detergent (consider the quantity), run the empty machine on lengthy cycles. Then add chlorine beach (only a cup) allowing it enough time to complete the disinfection process. The remaining task is for the washer to accomplish, i.e. ensuring that no traces of chlorine bleach is left behind. Just in case some bleach traces may be left, run an additional empty cycle, and this time round short cycles.

Getting Rid of Washing Machine Smells

The reason why your machine stinks is because of soap scum, dirt and bacteria that build up after using the machine for quite some time without frequently cleaning it. Here is what you need to do: ensure that your damp clothes are placed in the dyer immediately you are done washing, leave the door of your washer open after every load for free fresh air circulations and keep the machine lid intact. It’s also advisable to use hot water for cleaning to get rid of bacteria and germs.


The information in this article is just enough to put you in a knowledgeable position as far as cleaning and sanitizing washing machine is concerned. For more details visit sites like Wikipedia and Google to get acquainted.

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