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How To Clean And Maintain An Electric Shaver

How To Clean And Maintain An Electric Shaver

How to clean and maintain an Electric Shaver

Shavers have been one of humanity’s best friends, especially men. People, often men, use razors to look good and clean and to show off their appearance. Shavers have been around here since the Bronze Age when minerals became a common material for tools and tools. The shaver mainly consists of blades that are used to cut and remove unwanted hair from various parts of the body, usually a male beard. A variety of this tool includes those made of disposable plastic, metal, battery-powered blades, and men’s electric shavers. For women, this is used to remove pubic hair, especially in a bikini line.

Since people these days always seem to be in a hurry, the widely used type is the men’s electric shaver. Compared to one-time use, these machines last longer and end up being less expensive in the long run. Compared to metal shavers, the electric shaver is faster, and the results are cleaner. You also don’t have to replace your head continually. Electric shavers also offer less potential for unwanted cuts. Although you need care when using it because it uses electricity, most people still prefer it.

Caring for your electric shaver

If you use an electric shaver to keep yourself clean, you should keep them safe and healthy during and after each use. Since the head is not replaced regularly, you can clean it yourself so that you can cut your hair carefully and smoothly the next time you use it. If you don’t clean them too often, strands of hair, particles of dry soap, and other small things can get tangled. Cleaning will be more challenging next time. In this case, the electric shaver will be less efficient than it should be. So you can also buy another one. Caring for a clean electric shaver will save you the added cost and unhealthy feeling. With this list, you will know how to clean and maintain an electric shaver.

Unplug the shaver and wait for sometime

Make sure to unplug the electric shaver. Don’t you want anyone to be electrocuted? Then carefully separate your head. Check the joints. It is located under the cutting head. Check for cracks where strands of hair and dirt can accumulate. If you have cracks and unwanted buildup, you should now replace it with a new one.

Wax the shaver

The essential part of the sterilization process is waxing and other things on the cutting block or the main part of the electric shaver used for shaving. You can use a brush for this. Some electric shavers come with specially made brushes. Some particles cannot be removed with a brush. Therefore, you should immerse the head in a soapy solution. There are also other unique solutions to this. Rinse the head with spirit, and be sure to remove any unwanted particles.

Keep the shaver dry

To ensure that the blades don’t rust, use a contact solution, and clean each blade with a piece of paper. Check the remaining unwanted particles for the best cleaning. Repeat the procedure until all particles are removed. Change the head as necessary as possible. You can shave for at least a year for an electric razor head, but after that, the blades will fade a lot, and the quality of your haircut will decline. The head change is quick, and you only have to do it once in a long time.

Take care of the battery

If you discover that your shaver is not working as it was, there may be a problem with the battery. Many electric razors use rechargeable batteries, the quality of which will decrease over time. You want to change it if you discover that your strength is not enough to get the shave you want.

Lubricate the shaver well

To finish the touches, gently spray the wafer with a head lubricant to reduce friction and wear. The last step is to return the head to its correct position. Electric shavers are easy to make but should be done regularly so that the performance of the shaver is not significantly degraded.


You can repeat the above procedure several times. A small amount of hair accumulates daily inside the head for the electric razor, and this causes friction. The fast-rotating razor blades will wear out very quickly if you don’t clean them at least once a week. It is very simple: open the head, remove the excess hair, and blow to make sure there is no hair left. That will take less little time, and it will improve the quality of the shaver.

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