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Important Tips To Keep Your Mobile Phone Safe

Important Tips To Keep Your Mobile Phone Safe

Important Tips To Keep Your Mobile Phone Safe

All mobile phones support voice and text communication. And today, most devices can do much more. Mobile phones have become an integral part of everyday life, largely due to portability, versatility and relatively low cost. The same qualities make them valuable for businessmen, politicians and officials who often use smartphones to exchange important data and store sensitive information – just as it used to be done on secure computers. Our guide will tell you what you need to do to improve the security of your smartphone when transferring and storing data, taking pictures, visiting websites, etc.

Phone Security Tips

The first step to protecting information on a cellphone is to restrict access to the device. It should be on all the time, except in situations where there are particular risks. Turn on encryption, keep your smartphone with you. What else can be done to ensure the security of your device and reduce damage in case of loss or theft?

Always use a reliable PIN code or password and try not to give it to anyone. If you have a simple phone that has a default code, change the code.

Back up important phone data periodically. Save them to a computer or external media. Keep your backups in a safe place. If you have a backup, it’s easier to remember what data was on the phone, and, if necessary, return to the factory settings.

Phone numbers can be often connected to your bank or social media accounts. An attacker may need your phone to have access to these accounts. Mobile operators allow customers to protect their account with a password or PIN so that no one could make changes to their account or steal a phone number. If such a function is available, use it. Also, there are doubts about someone gaining access to your camera, it may make sense in a small sticker that will temporarily cover it.

What If The Phone Was Stolen Or Misplaced ?

Mobile devices have an IMEI number that consists of 15 digits. This code allows you to identify the device on the network. Changing a SIM card will not change IMEI. The code is often written under a removable battery. Most devices will show IMEI in the settings. Write down the IMEI of your phone. You can prove the ownership of your phone using IMEI.

Think about the pros and cons of registering the mobile phone with a mobile operator. Your mobile operator usually has the option to turn off the phone if it is stolen. Many Android devices and iPhones have a “phone search” feature. It makes possible to track or turn off the device in case of theft. You can find some independent software designs for the same purpose.

What If You Need To Give Your Phone To Another Person ( for repair etc.) ?

When you throw away a phone, give it to someone or selling it, make sure that it does not contain information that is usually stored on a SIM card and memory card. This advice is relevant even if the device has not been turned on for a long time or does not work at all. You can get rid of a SIM card by destroying it. Remove the memory card from the device and either destroy it or store it securely.

Use only those repair shops and stores you trust. This will reduce the sensibility of your data when you buy a used device or give your device for repair. If you give the phone for repair, remove the memory card and SIM card.


– Connect the phone to the computer only if you are sure that there is no malicious code on the computer.

– As with a computer, be careful when connecting to a wi-fi network without a password.

– Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Near Field Communication (NFC) when not using these features. Turn them on only when necessary and only for connecting to trusted networks and devices. If possible, use a cable to transfer data.

– Pay attention to unknown programs and running processes, strange messages, technical failures. If you are unfamiliar with any functions and applications on your phone or you are not using them, disable them or remove them if possible.

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