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Types Of Mattresses In India

Types Of Mattresses In India

Types Of Mattresses In India

After hard work during the day everyone needs a good night’s rest. And not just a good night goodnight but a good night that provides a blissful experience to the body, mind, and soul. One thing to invest in so that you have such an enjoyable experience is a mattress. And nobody likes to wake up the following morning with backache or restless night because they have slept in a mattress that did not favor their body or style of sleeping, among others. A right mattress becomes best if it only suits everything you need during your good night’s sleep. Here are some of the mattresses found in India with their pros and cons:

1. Memory Foam Mattress

The name memory foam mattress is given to this type of mattress because of the open cell structure that retains the pressure and remembers it after you coming out of the bed. The memory foam mattress is suitable for both stomach sleepers and side sleepers. To be specific, it is best for side sleepers.

• It spreads the weight and pressure equally over its surface because of the high conforming ability quotient it possesses.
• Also, it features a state-of-the-art pressure-relieving technology which helps in eradicating the pressure building up in the body thus suitable for spine and shoulder pains
• Besides, while sleeping, it maintains perfect body temperature and responds to it accordingly because of its unique technology.
• Moreover, this type of mattress the best for spinal alignment.
• Finally, it has polyurethane, which is found in the foam for protection against dirt hence making it allergy-free.

• This mattress is not suitable for people that love toss and turns while sleeping.
• Additionally, they are not ideal for high-temperature sensitive people because it contributes to sweat.

2. Coir mattress

This is an Indian innovation mattress, and it is found in India alone. Also, it is made of coconut coir, making it the most eco-friendly mattress.

• It is a very economical mattress
• It has a firm base
• Suitable to use if your partner tends to be moving a lot while sleeping because they do not exhibit motion transfer

• It can cause pain and discomfort because of its firmness
• It is not suitable for use in a long period because it tends to sag within a short period due to its lack of elasticity.

3. Foam Mattress

It is the most popular mattress in India, and it consists of foam cushions. The foam mattress is soft and comfortable because of the presence of foam in the cushions. Because of sagging towards its ends, additional layers are added for support. It is the most suitable for people with back pain. Moreover, this mattress does not exhibit motion transfer, and it has a long life compared to the coir mattress.

• First, it has a long life making it durable
• Second, the foam mattress is suitable for people with hip and back pains.
• Third, this mattress has foam that maintains the body temperature hence providing exceptional comfort during cold weather season.
• Last, it is comfortable since it does not exhibit motion transfer.

• The foam mattress is expensive compared to the coir mattresses.
• This type of mattress is not comfortable for people sensitive to high temperatures because of its sensitivity to heat.
• It causes discomfort for people who like tossing and turning around a lot during their sleep since the body sinks into the mattress.

4. Spring mattress

In some places, this mattress is called Coil Mattress. This is the better version of the coir mattress. Because of the springs in it, it is so bouncy, and this makes it exhibit motion transfer whenever your partner moves around in bed. For this reason, most brands are adding upper foam layers to offset motion transfer and better comfort. The lifespan of this mattress is approximately six years though it depends on how it is used. For lifespan enhancing, it is better to have a mattress topper. Besides, the mattress topper can help prevent the springs from cutting through the mattress and exposing itself after a while.

• The mattress is suitable for people with back pains.
• Because of springs, the mattress is bouncy
• Compared to the memory foam mattress, it is less expensive.

• It can disturb when sleeping with your partner since it exhibits motion transfer.
• Compared to the memory foam mattress, it is less durable.

5. Latex mattress

Unlike foam or spring mattress, this one is made of latex. The latex is not from natural sources like the rubber tree. This mattress is made of a mixture of latex, poly-foams, and other materials. The mattress is suitable for a wide range of sleepers because if it comes in a variety of firmness levels. The latex foam used in making latex mattresses comes in two types, i.e., Dunlop latex, which is bottom-heavy used in support cores, and Talalay, which is a homogeneous mixture of light, frothy foam. Moreover, the mattress is durable and can last for over eight years.

• It is the most suitable mattress for back and neck pain because of the superior pressure point relief they provide. Also, this mattress offers excellent body contouring.
• Also, it possesses a higher degree of bounciness due to the foam grid and rubber content.
• Furthermore, it does not retain heat hence providing a relaxed sleeping surface because of the natural materials it has.
Additionally, the mattress has a longer lifespan because of the hypoallergenic foam that resists the formation of moulds, mildew, and dust.
• Because of the natural materials used to make it, the mattress is eco-friendly.
• Lastly, this mattress does not exhibit motion transfer because of the excellent motion isolation that it manifests.

• It is the most expensive.

6. Re-bonded Foam mattress

This mattress is made from the reclaimed foam and scarp foam, which are bonded together under pressure. It is the better version of the coir mattress, but it is more superior because of its compressibility, cushioning advantage, and energy absorption.

• First, it is suitable for side sleepers with shoulder pain since it provides additional support that helps in keeping the shoulders and spine in natural shape.
• Second, it enables you to get better sleep and refreshment.
• Third, this mattress is the least expensive of all the foam mattresses.
• Last, it is an eco-friendly mattress because it consists of recycled materials.

• It made of chemicals while being glued, and this can be toxic and flammable, making it not safe for children.

7. Airbed mattress

It is mainly used as a camping bed because it is light and easy to store. This mattress consists of PVC or some made from urethane plastic. More so, the air inside the mattress can be adjusted to accommodate different body shapes and sizes. Additionally, airbed mattress beneficial to bedridden people since it helps in protecting them from bedsores.

• You can increase its firmness, make it bouncier or decide the level of air inside it making it flexible.
• More so, it is suitable side sleepers and people with lower back pain.
• Further, they are comfortable because it does not absorb heat from the body.
• Finally, this bed is highly portable

• The Airbed mattress is vulnerable to leaks and punctures.

In conclusion, when going to buy a mattress in India, you should know the reason as to why you are purchasing a mattress, the problem you have in your body, the type of sleeper you are, and the kind of partner you’re sharing the mattress. With the above information, you can check the advantages and the disadvantaged of a mattress even before you order it online or buy it directly from the retailer or selected dealers.

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