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Washing Machine Buying Guide - India

Washing Machine Buying Guide – India

Washing Machine Buying Guide

Washing machines are quickly becoming an essential home utility. Gone are the days when you dropped your dirty clothes off at the local “dhobi”. With appliances becoming more affordable and easily available online, a large number of Indians are making the switch.

However, the jargon associated with washers and dryers can quickly confuse new buyers. Due diligence is suggested before making a purchase. Keeping that in mind, here’s a quick buying guide for new buyers:

Depending on the budget and requirement considerations, there are certain crucial decisions every new buyer has to make. Firstly, you need to choose between a fully-automatic or semi-automatic washing machine.


On the negative side, fully automatic washers are more expensive, require a continuous supply of water and require more power. On the positive side, they need no manual work, you just need to turn on the tap, dump you clothes and press the “On” button. You can leave the machine unmonitored and go finish other chores during this time, the machine will sound an alarm when it’s done (make sure to wash our whites separately). They can take care of both washing and drying. In India a fully-automatic washing machine comes in the price range of Rs.12000 to Rs.25000.


Semi-automatic washing machines are considered entry level and are perfect for young-professionals not looking to spend a fortune. There is some manual work involved as you have to manually pour water and switch the clothes from the washing to the drying tub. They are much more cost-effective and you can buy one for just below Rs. 10000.

Thoughts: Apart from budget considerations, it is important to note that fully-automatic washing machines outperform their counterparts when it comes to wash-quality and cleanliness. They are also more flexible and can be used to wash different materials like silk, linen, delicate cotton etc. Semi-automatic washing machines on the other hand require less power and wash clothes marginally quicker.

Should you choose to go with a fully-automatic machine, you need decide between a front or top loading washing machine:

Front Loading Washing Machine

Front loading washing machines are what you see in US Laundromats, they are certainly the most expensive and the most powerful washers you can buy. They are also impressive in terms of their wash quality, energy efficiency and water usage. They are best suited for regular use and longer wash cycles. In India, they can be bought at around Rs.25000 to Rs.75000. I have a list of the top front loading washing machines in India.

Top Loading Washing Machine:

Top loading washing machines are more common in India. They are comparatively cheaper and can get the job done fairly well for a small 5-member family. They are also smaller and more portable which make them Indian-user friendly. Here is a list of what I consider to be the best top loading washing machines in India.

Which washing machine capacity is right for you?

Since washing machines are a long term investment, you want to make sure that you get it right the first time.


Use this image to measure weight capacity:

Washing Machine Buying Guide

The capacity you need will depend on the size of your family. It is advisable to account for any changes in family size that you might see in the future.


There you have it, a quick washing machine buying guide that can help you make a better purchase. We wish you the best of luck.

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  1. bapu

    I want to buy Onida liliput 6.5 kg semi automatic washing machine.which have Only WASHER.
    in 1st wash with detergent. Then after drain, in second wash with water after draining all water spin. Please inform me

  2. Ravichandran

    Very useful. Need to give more updates on the service. Foe example IFB has poor service. How many of us know this fact.

  3. Ketan R. Shah

    I could not take the firm decision for buy IFB, Bosch, Siemens or LG front loading washing machine. My budget is inbetween 26000 to 30000 Rs. I would prefer 6.5 kg, 1000 RPM capacity washing machine. Please suggest which company is most preferable for buying.

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