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Washing Machine Care Tips (India)

Washing Machine Care Tips (India)

Washing Machine Care Tips

Picture your washing machine breaking down. Scary, isn’t it? It will force you to schedule a quick repair or else drive all the way to a laundromat and spent money and time washing your clothes- this is so unfair and inconvenient for you! From experience, we understand that taking good care of your washing machine might save you from all this trouble. Front loaders are usually better than top loaders. In this article, we provide you with some washing machine care tips to help prolong the lifespan of your machine:

Do not Overload:

Avoid stuffing your washing machine with loads of clothes beyond the limit recommended in the manual. In addition, never pack or press clothes in order to fit more. Overloading puts a lot of pressure on the motor which results to overheating. Furthermore, pressed/packed loads occasionally result in poor or no spinning at all. A heavy load can also throw the washer off balance and ruin the rhythm hence affecting the quality of the wash.

Keep it level for Stability:

Place the washing machine on a level surface or adjust the legs to make it level. If all the four legs of your washing machine are not on the floor, it might vibrate strongly and rock back and forth. To reduce the vibrations and increase stability, keep the machine as close to the floor as possible. Usually the front legs are adjustable with a lock-nut. To keep the legs from rotating, position them at a desired height and tighten the lock-nut against the machine’s body. This will help to prevent excessive vibrations which can cause internal damages and make connections loose.

Regular Maintenance:

Your washing machine can clean clothes but unfortunately it cannot clean itself. After using it, keep the door open to drive out dampness and moisture. A dry/moisture-free machine eliminates musty smell inside the tub. If the machine has a removable lint filter, detach it and remove the accumulated lint before attaching it back. Lint causes clogging in water pipes and results to improper washing of clothes. In addition, clean your washing machine as regular as possible to prevent detergent build-up which easily leads to mold and mildew growth. Furthermore, wipe all accessible surfaces/parts by running a complete cycle with a cleaning agent recommended by the manufacturer or one of the home remedies for instance baking soda, white vinegar or bleach. Don’t forget to clean up any messes as they occur because some cleaning agents may contain chemicals that can cause corrosion hence damaging the inner surface of your washer after prolonged exposure.

Operate gently:

This is applicable to knobs. Don’t apply excessive pressure or turn them in a wrong direction. Dials and knobs on washing machines are pretty sensitive and it doesn’t take much effort to damage them.

Do not Use Excess Detergent:

The use of excess detergent not only damages clothes but also tampers with the motor and water pipes of the washing machine.

Use the Washing Machine Settings:

Majority of washing machines in India have three modes of wash setting- Normal, medium and strong. For standard loads, use the normal mode; for delicate or baby clothes go for gentle setting. Only use strong setting when washing heavily greased clothes. Using the right setting protects clothes as well as the washing machine from damage.

Remove Rust:

Look for rusted spots in your dispenser or tub and remove it by adding two cups of lemon juice and running the machine for one wash cycle on hot water.

Final Takeaway
Washing machines do not last forever but we believe that by using the Washing Machine Care Tips we have outlined above, you can give your machine a prolonged lifespan.

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