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What Are The Best Treadmill Brands In India?

What Are The Best Treadmill Brands In India?

What Are The Best Treadmill Brands In India

Treadmills are not advertised much and if you asked a casual buyer about the best treadmill brands in India, he would probably have no clue. But knowing the popular brands can help you make the right purchase. If you aren’t interested in brands and just want to know the best treadmills, check out our article on the best treadmills in India. Having said that, we did our research, it wasn’t easy, but here are some reliable treadmill brands in India:

1. LifeLine Fitness

A 40 year old company based in the US which produces a number of gym equipment along with treadmills. The price for their treadmills range from Rs.7000-8000 for manual treadmills to more than 3-4Lakhs for motorized gym models. It seems to me that the cheaper models are manufactured in India and the premium ones are imported. Still Lifeline is a reputed name in gym equipment and the quality of their products is respectable.

2. Afton Fitness Equipment

Afton is an Indian brand with head offices in Chennai. They’ve been in business for close to 30 years and are a popular name in South India for gym equipment. The produce many different types of gym equipment and thanks to their tie-ups with foreign companies, they do a decent job at it.


Founded by IIT-A Alumnus, the DuraFit is fitness equipment brand with a focus on home use. It is very new, being only a few years in existence. They have a few innovative products like adjustable dumbells and kettlebells. 

Overall their products are reasonable priced, manufactured in India and decent in build quality.

4. KOBO Sports

KOBO is an international brand that has been around a long time, they don’t advertise much but have been selling globally for over 50 years. They started with producing smaller gym wear like gloves and belts. Now they’ve expanded to producing full blown equipment.

5. Powermax Fitness

Powermax Fitness started as a franchise of fitness centers and gyms. They eventually expanded to providing commercial and home gym set-ups. Recently, since about 8 years, they’ve begun a host of gym equipment for home. They have a aggressive advertising campaign and you may have heard of them.

Concluding Thoughts:

Just like everything else in market, you are spoilt for choice when it comes treadmills. Too many brands, too many varieties, too many products, too much jargon! Hopefully this article informs you a little about the popular and reliable treadmill brands in India. If you more interested in skipping all this and just knowing the best treadmills for your money, you can check out our article on the best treadmills in India.

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