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What is Gold Fin Technology in Air Conditioners

What is Gold Fin Technology in Air Conditioners

If there is anything that you must make sure it is working well is the Air Conditioner. When not working well, the temperatures may be unbearable. Also, it is good to understand how an air conditioner works so that you can get proper care for it. There are many parts that make the AC. One major element is the condenser. For the AC to last long, the condenser must remain functioning well. Before you understand Gold Fin Technology in Air Conditioning, learn about your AC. The following information will help you understand your AC.

AC has two very essential coils. One of the coils is to condense air while the other one is the elevator. To ensure the proper functioning of your device you must make sure you guard both of these coils. The importance of taking care of these two coils is to ensure they do not corrode. Allowing corrosion in them leads to having some discharge. If the discharge continues, it damages the device. It is easy for the condenser to corrode because it stays outside the house. That exposes it to natural elements that may react with it. Due to condensation, the condenser is always covered by water droplets. When the droplets mix with air it causes corrosion to both the condenser as well as the evaporator.

It is possible to make the air condition with a metal that will prevent corrosion. The only thing that makes many people not go for that option is the cost. The manufacturers do not want to use very expensive materials. The reason is that it will raise the cost of the Air Conditioner. Coming up with a way of dealing with the corrosion problem is essential. But it should be without increasing the price of the device.

The fact that condensers are outside the house, exposes the device. The device receives water in a way that it must experience corrosion. In areas of high humidity, the reaction is even faster and severe. Also, there are two metals that make the AC coils. The two metals are aluminum and copper. Both the metals are good conductors of heat. Copper is a very expensive metal and many manufacturers do not like using it. That is the reason they use aluminum coils and weld them to copper tubes. Again the two metals can react together and cause galvanic corrosion.

The best way to deal with the issue is to come up with a material that does not react with the water. Coating the condenser coils with epoxy eliminates the problem. The reason is that the epoxy material does not allow any accumulation of the elements. Also, it ensures that no water sticks to the condenser. That helps in preventing rust. That is why you need to use materials that cannot allow water accumulation on the walls of the coils. The use of epoxy ensures that the condensers remain dry. They do not allow any water to accumulate in the condensers.

The fact that epoxy is friendly it coats the condenser very well. It does not allow the deposit of water droplets on the condensers. That is what provides a solution to the corrosion. The technology that enables the use of epoxy is What is Gold Fin Technology in Air Conditioners. The process lowers the possibility of accumulation of moisture on the condenser coils. These days many manufacturers want to adopt this method. It ensures that their air Conditioners are safe. That is why epoxy coating is the main process in the manufacturing of Air Conditioners.

There are several benefits that come with the use if this technology. Other than preventing rust, it also protects the owner of the AC. An AC that is not functioning well results in high power bills in your home. No one wants to spend all the money paying electricity bills. Knowing a way of making the bills lower is the best thing that can happen to the homeowner. At the same time strained ACs increase the rate of breakage. With strained AC you will keep paying for repairs. You do not want to be asking the technicians to repair your device all the time. Coming up with a way of giving the device a longer life is comfort to homeowners.

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