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LG T7567TEELR Top-loading Fully-automatic Washing Machine (6.5 Kg, Free Silver) Review


lg-t7567teelr-top-loading-fully-automatic-washing-machine-6-5-kg-free-silverLG are known for their big promises. Some of their machines deliver the goods, others don’t. This is what made me determined to review the LG T7567TEELR Top-loading Fully-automatic Washing Machine (6.5 Kg. Free Silver) to see in which group it fell. I’d heard it contained LG’s new Pulse 3 Wash Method and I’d liked other machines with this included. You’ll hear about this and all the other features right here, along with some advice. Ultimately you’ll be able to assess whether the LG is a machine worth buying.


LG T7567TEELR Top-loading Fully-automatic Washing Machine (6.5 Kg, Free Silver)

by LG [LG]
Rank/Rating: 222569/-
Price: INR 23,590.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-08-14 20:48:02


  • Fully Automatic
  • Top Loading
  • Pulse 3
  • Good Capacity
  • Ok Design
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • AirDry
  • Jet Spray



  • Not many Wash Programs


Wash Method – Pulse 3

On Top Loaders you usually have the option of either buying a Pulsator or an Agitator. Pulsators flood the Drum with spurts of water to wash clothes, and Agitators have a spindle inside the Drum that causes friction when clothes come into contact with it. Agitators tend to be less gentle and many people like them because they can get harsh stains out, but they can cause damage. Here you get Pulsation with a difference. There’s actually four Pulsators: 1 big one and 3 small ones so it’s a wash strong enough to rival Agitation, but given that there’s nothing inside the Drum, there’s no risk of damage. So you get the best of both worlds. The power of Agitation and the elegance of pulsation. I think this technology developed by LG is excellent.


Turbo Drum

Not the best name for a special feature because it leads consumers to believe that the Drum moves faster than other Drums on the market. This is not so. However, the Drum does move in a Clockwise and an Anti-Clockwise direction whereas most other machines have Drums that only move in one direction. This really helps wash clothes, especially clothes with tough stains and it’s even more helpful during the drying process because it speeds the whole thing up.



The Capacity here is 6.5kg so it’s not huge and families of more than 4 people will have two choices: either do two washes or purchase another machine. Families of four or less however will be thrilled with this model because it has all the space they need and it has a relatively small footprint. So whether this Capacity is right for you depends on what your situation is.


Wash Programs

There are only four Wash Programs available for use. These are: Strong, Quick Wash, Fuzzy, and Gentle. They cover all the basic strengths of wash you’ll want to do, although i’d have liked to see more fabric specific options. As it stands, this machine is still very operational and capable of performing well on any load because of the excellent technology inside used during washing. It just doesn’t have the same amount of manual options you’d get on other machines. It seems like LG have said “look, we’ve designed a great machine so do it our way”. And that’s fair enough, they have, but you might like tinkering around with the wash programs and you won’t get to do that here.


Jet Spray

Ever see Detergent Stains on your washing? I have and i’m sure many of you have experienced the same. It happens with most Washing Machines, some more than others and they get dried on so that they’re very noticeable. Jet Spray is LG’s attempt to eradicate these. When your clothes are being rinsed the machine will spray them harshly with water and the claim was that this removes all of these common Detergent Stains. The truth? Well, you do get less Detergent Stains with the LG T7567TEELR, but once in a while they still appear.



During the drying cycle this machine will blast clothes with not only heat, but also hot air that it sucks in from fans located in the tubes. I saw this in action on another machine I reviewed and thought it was pretty impressive at the time. It does result in clothes smelling fresher and drying at a much faster pace than you might be used too.


Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic is a computer inside your machine that enables you to save money. It weighs your clothes and from this it will determine how much detergent, and water is needed and how much time the wash cycle needs to last for. It’s for when you don’t know which programme is best and you want the machine to do it all for you. Pretty good don’t you think?


User Experience

Some advice would be to only use the strong programme when you have a really tough stain. The more power you use, the more chance (on any machine) you have of your clothing being damaged. So always try to use power sparingly. With the Wash Method being so good you won’t need Strong Wash that much anyway. Normal and Quick Wash will get the vast majority of stains out first time. So take advantage of the good Wash Method because it’s powerful enough to take care of anything.


When you use Fuzzy Logic remember that it doesn’t recognize stains; it just weighs clothing so you’re still going to have to make an assessment of how strong a stain is. For the worst stains you’ll need Strong Wash and Fuzzy Logic won’t always use it. So, although this machines Fully Automatic nature means you don’t have to do much,. there’s still a few things you’ll have to consider.


With AirDry and the Turbo Drum, the drying process is really fast. Full marks for drying. You also have a great Wash Method that is harsher than most Pulsators so it’ll get tough stains out, but it’s gentler and less invasive than Agitation so there isn’t as much damage to clothes. It’s an excellent inclusion. Being a Fully Automatic machine there’s no draining and or moving of clothes between Tubs, so ease of operation is there. They have however included very few programmes which limits your ability to experiment with different options on the machine, This was really the only sour point on a otherwise amazing washer that is well worth the money.

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