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A Guide To Purchasing Ceiling Fans In India

A Guide To Purchasing Ceiling Fans In India


Ceiling fans are  popular in India as they ensure sufficiency in airflow within an environment, thus controlling the temperatures and creating comfortable environments. Properly buying a new ceiling fan or replacing an old one may often seem an easy task to some people; however, it is not. This is because, in contemporary society, the markets are flooded with numerous varieties of ceiling fans, all with different features. Thus, picking the best possible one out of the many often presents as a challenge to many. There are, therefore, certain guidelines and factors to consider when buying a ceiling fan to ensure it operates efficiently and in a satisfactory capacity to the buyer.

Factors to consider when acquiring a ceiling fan in India

These factors are to be considered since they ensure that the customer purchases a ceiling fan that will be compatible with their environment and satisfy their needs.

The size of the fan sweep and room of installation

These two sizes are very crucial and vital for consideration when acquiring a ceiling fan. Different people have rooms with different measurements ranging from tiny rooms to overly large rooms. Similarly, fans also come with several blade size measurements with fan sweep sizes ranging averagely between 900mm and 1400mm and above. A perfectly matching fan sweep size and room sizes ensure sufficient airflow and efficient operation by the fan.

Nevertheless, when these two do not match, then the ceiling fan will not affect airflow sufficiently, thus operationally and functionally worthless to the buyer. For instance, averagely, many rooms measure between 10 and 12 square meters, and this has seen to the popularity in the installation of the 1200mm fan sweeps. However, these sizes should be considered first as this is not the standard room size in India; rooms vary in sizes.

Blade pitch/Tilt

This is also another factor to always consider. This is because a horizontally flat installation of the ceiling fan blades often slices through the air without causing any ripples in the air movement. Thus, the fan blades often need a tilt of about 12 to 15 degrees to create proper air circulation within the room. Also, considering this is further important because any blade tilt above 15 degrees often exerts more stress on the fan motor, thus consuming more electricity and increasing the bills.

Ceiling fan’s controls and accessories

Common fan controls entail the use of handheld remote controls, wall-mounted controls, pull chain switch, and smart home devices. Thus, it is always best to choose the most preferred mode and the most comfortable within your living environment. For instance, some controls may be too low in the room or readily available, giving children access, which should be avoided. Also, with the advancement in technology, smart controls for the ceiling fans such as sensor-enabled controls and AI controls are currently trending, much easier to use, and allows for much security when dealing with children in the room.

Accessories are also worth considering since they often present with numerous benefits. For instance, the downrods and angles ceiling adapters are often very critical when installing in a low and uneven ceiling. Light kit accessories may also be convenient when the room requires some lighting now and then.

The motor type and size

This is also a significant consideration because substandard motors will not produce proper air circulation, thus highly unreliable while consuming a lot of energy. Therefore, it is best for your fan motors in India to fall between the two major categories, the BLDC motor which is the contemporary design working efficiently on low energy and producing minimal noise and the Single-Phase induction motor which is the most popular in India due to its efficient operation despite consuming a little more power than the BLDC.

Personal budget limits

The ceiling fans often come at different prices in the market, with some being very expensive, some moderate, and some cheap and affordable. Despite those with the best features being high on the price list, knowing your budget limit will help you plan in advance and know what to directly look for rather than wasting time searching for a ceiling fan you cannot afford.


The overall design, style, and color of a ceiling fan is also an essential factor to consider. This is because many people need something presentable and appealing in their rooms. Thus, choosing a ceiling fan with matching aesthetics to the decors of the place of installation will create an ambiance in the environment, which will be not only appealing but also satisfyingly relaxing.

These factors will immensely assist an individual during the search for the perfect and the best ceiling fans for your homes. This is because these are some of the features which guarantee efficiency in the performance of the ceiling fan and satisfaction of the users throughout India.

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