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Amazon not allowing me to write negative reviews...

Amazon not allowing me to write negative reviews…

amazon rejecting negative review example
I also almost exclusively purchase most of my items from Amazon. I just like their extensive range of products and customer eccentric approach. Of late however, I’m having trouble taking their customer reviews seriously. Amazon made some changes to tackle the menace of fake reviews but I don’t think they are having much success with it. Companies have found a way to play around those restrictions and incentivize people to write positive reviews.

Others are having issues too:

Of late, I’ve gotten into the habit of reviewing every single product I purchase off of Amazon and I noticed something weird. Three of my negative reviews (where I said I didn’t like the product) got rejected, while whenever I wrote a positive review, they got accepted instantly. It made me think that maybe Amazon is filtering negative reviews. I searched on Google and found others complaining about the same:

Amazon refusing negative review from amazon

What did I do wrong?

Here is a transcript of the review I wrote so you can be the judge of whether or not they should be allowed on Amazon:

amazon rejecting negative review example 2

These are the products I wrote those reviews for:

Offbeat – Ripjaw Rechargeable 7D Buttons Gaming Mouse, DPI 1600-3200 Wireless Mice for PC


I don’t know how can someone consider it good for gaming….

There are many problems with the mouse that make it unsuitable for gaming:

1. It’s heavy, makes your hand hurt after few hours of gameplay.
2. Has a shit sensor. But you already knew that. Thing is, I was expecting it to be bad but not this bad. Spins out of control all the time. DPI changes are a joke…there’s little difference between 1600,2400,3600…
3. The side buttons are too close together. You can’t click them separately; they are that close. They basically function as one key.
Overall I think this mouse has a lot of potential! But even if I look past other things, the sensor is just too bad for me to consider it a gaming mouse.


Humble Acoustics Hear in High-Res Earphones with Mic ● Super Extra Bass Headphones ● Android & iOS Compatible ● Blue


If you are used to better, this will hurt….

I generally use much better headphones from Sony and gaming headphones with all kinds of cool shit going on. Sadly, for my new office I needed something portable and having previously used cheap headphones I didn’t think the sound quality would matter. But it does, this headphone is such a huge downgrade in terms of sound quality that there is no getting used to this. Everything else is fine for the price.

I thought these were honest and helpful reviews that would help a prospective customer. Amazon didn’t agree with me on that. I am in talks with their customer support to find out what the problem is. So far the person I spoke to has said that he will escalate the issue. I will update this thread if I reach a conclusion.

Is Amazon turning a blind eye?

While I do love Amazon, I certainly see problems with their review rating system. One of the main issue is that   that there is no quick-redressal method after your review gets rejected. You never get to speak to someone directly involved with customer reviews and run around explaining the issue again and again to different support executives. Which makes me think that maybe Amazon is somewhat complaint to sellers gaming the system and don’t want to draw attention to their review policies.

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