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6 Innovative Products To Keep An Eye On In 2020

6 Innovative Products To Keep An Eye On In 2020

6 innovative products to keep an eye on in 2020

Every year companies compete to introduce new gadgets or improve their already existing products. That competitive spirit towards providing innovation has led to numerous amazing products like the iPhone, Oculus Rift or Google Home to come into existence. At times the hype doesn’t work though and produces failures like Windows Vista, VirtualBoy or Web TV, which were hyped up at the start but could not live up to the expectations. I bring you this list to screen out the products with useless functions and give you options which could solve actual problems, to ease your everyday life.

1. Tile Pro Bluetooth-Tracker (Available on Amazon)

The key-finder technology has received some improvements from last year’s edition, which makes it worth the extra money. It now has a replaceable battery, range of 120 meters, can be located even when in the vicinity of other users who are nearby to your lost item attached to the tracker and a 2-way feature, so that you can use it to find your lost phone if you have the tracker.

2. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold (Available in summer)

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 FoldIt is a staggering price for any computer but it may be worth it. Thanks to its 13″ inch size and foldable feature, it functions as a tablet too. You can even fold it halfways to be able to hold it when reading, as if it is a book. If the specs will live up to your demands, it might well be worth acquiring one as it can replace your computer, tablet and phone.

3. LG Smart WiFi Enabled Washer (coming soon)

They have already offered smart washers/dryers with offsite control over starting and ending your laundry, but now they’ve implemented AI to detect what laundry you have thrown into the machine and set a customized program depending on the laundry. What’s so convenient about it is that you won’t have to keep track of which detergent or fabric softener to use, or what amount, it will tailor the laundry to most aptly suit your clothes. If the machine executes it as promised, you won’t have to worry about discolored or teared up clothing ever again.

4. Cleer Audio Crescent (Available in August)

This is a WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled smart speaker, which aims to deliver an immersive 3D sound. There will be a “choose your preferred sound-mode” feature, which can be used to get that concert-hall or ‘room-filling’ feeling. It uses beamforming technology (which is used in video games to form a 360-degree effect), in order to get that circumambient surround sound. No longer will you experience that your speaker sounds great in one end of the room, but poor in another. You won’t have to worry about its placement if you get this.

5. Phonak Virto Black (Available through select providers)

Phonak Virto Black This a hearing aid which automatically calibrates to optimize after changes in the ambience, but can also connect to your decives, enabling you to manage calls with it and listen to music with them. If paired with Phonak’s Marvel technology, a remote microphone can be used to filter out unwanted sounds in noisy environments and allow you to focus on a specific sound. It allows the user to pick up sounds which someone with high functioning hearing wouldn’t even be able to.

6. Hydraloop (Available in autumn/winter)

HydraloopWith this appliance, you won’t have a guilty conscience about wasting clean water anymore, this self-cleaning machine converts your clean water to be reused when dirty. This means that the water you use in the shower and for washing clothes, will be repurposed for other uses. It can save up to 85 % of the water you use and reduce your water bills substantially.

So there you have it, 6 innovative products to look out for in 2020. Most of these will be available in India and/or ship globally.

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