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Everything About The AquaSure Delight - My review.....

Everything About The AquaSure Delight – My review…..

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight






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  • Good Design and Build Quality
  • Value For Money


  • Has External Power Adaptor

In my research regarding the best water purifiers in India, I found the Aquasure Aquaguard Delight to be the best water purifier for the price. Although people swear by the Kent Grand and it comes highly recommended, I personally found it to be a bit pricey. Here is my review of the Aquaguard Delight which will explain why I like this purifier so much.

What I liked (Pros):

  • 6000L cartridge life should be good for atleast 1.5 years
  • There are indicators for Power On, Purifying, Tank Full – useful in daily usage
  • MTDS for manual control
  • Has the push to open tap (useful when you use glass or bottle directly), it can be pulled up as well to allow continuous flow of water.
  • Priced below Rs. 10,000, it provides great value for money.

What I disliked (Cons):

  • Has a bulky power adapter
  • Doesn’t have taste enhancer or mineral addition cartridge

Design Review:

The design of this water purifier is a little hit and miss. While it’s pretty decent to look at with a mix of modern and classic design, many people complain about water leakage. If that happens to you, be sure to book a replacement.

bulky power adapter Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight

One major design flaw I think is the power adapter. The power adapter is big and needs to be fitted externally with in-box adapter stand, so you need extra drills on tiles of kitchen wall. Eureka Forbes should include the bulky power adapter in the back of machine itself. So just power cord with plug should remain outside.


Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight 
Power230 watts
Input Water Temperature10-40°c
MaterialFood Grade Plastic
HousingTabletop or Wall Mounted
TechnologyRO+UV+MTDS purification
Catridge Life6000L (approx.)
TDS Regulator?Yes
Product Dimensions355 cms (Length) X 300 cms (Width) X 450 cms (Height)
Warranty1 year

Performance Review:

What can I say about the performance, it performs almost as well as you’d expect. Purification technology is pretty solidified these days and there aren’t many surprises. If you’ve ever owned a RO purifier before or have seen one, expect this one to perform exactly the same.

The Aquaguard Delight has a 5-stage purification process which includes the Sediment Filter, Chemi Block, RO Membrane, UV Disinfection Chamber and Post Carbon filter. It can purify even borewell or tubewell water. When the technician comes, he will ask you about how much TDS you want. TDS for drinking water should be lower than 300, most technicians set this value at 80-100. Hence, regardless of your water sources, you can expect drinking water with a TDS around 100.

Some users complain about water wastage during the purification process. It’s not surprising to me because most RO purifiers tend to waste a lot of water. It is suggested that you use this water for washing utensils, bathing or house cleaning. Just don’t let it go to waste.

Pricing Review:

As I mentioned before, I quite like the pricing of this water purifier. I think it represents good value for money. RO+UV purifiers from a reputed company like Eureka Forbes or KENT usually costs upwards of INR 10k. Coming to the cost of replacement cartridge, my research tells me that it will cost close to Rs. 3500, which isn’t cheap by any means but it is a necessity with most RO purifiers.

The technician that will come to install the water purifier will most likely ask you to get a pre-filter. Should you get a pre-filter for the Aquaguard delight? My answer is no, unless your source water is extremely dirty. If you get municipality water then you most probably don’t need a pre-filter, however, to protect the inner filters of this or any purifier, it is recommended to get a pre-filter. What a pre-filter does is get rid of some of the more obvious pollutants which helps increase the longevity of the more expensive RO cartridges inside.

Final Thoughts:

I hope I covered everything you need to know about the Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight 7-Liters Table Top/Wall Mountable RO+UV+MTDS White Water Purifier. My review for this product isn’t entirely positive but I still hold that it is one of the best water purifiers out there. Certainly better than the much loved Kent Grand. And at below INR 10k, it definetly provides great value for money. There may be some discounts too, check it’s latest price on Amazon.


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  1. Chandan

    Their installation sucks, firstly they delay and second they try to upsell their prefilter at any cost, even at the cost of convincing the customer that it is mandatory to purchase a prefilter ( even if you have one) else the warranty is void…that sucks!

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