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Sanyo 43-Inch TV review - Amazing Value For Money TV In India

Sanyo 43-Inch TV review – Amazing Value For Money TV In India

Sanyo 43-Inch TV






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  • Value For Money
  • Premium Features


  • Not A Smart TV

Sanyo is a Japanese company that has been around for a long time with many ups and downs. While it remains the largest seller of rechargeable batteries in the world, the 2004 ChÅ«etsu earthquake destroyed many of it’s plants and they incurred a huge loss. As of today, Sanyo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Panasonic, which is another Japanese company.

While I was writing my article on the best televisions in India, I stumbled upon this 43-Inch Sanyo that seemed too good to be true.

With over 2000 positive reviews, impressive features and a very very low price, I was keen on researching it more. Here are my conclusions:


  • Has every high end feature for amazing picture quality : Full HD, IPS Panels, 60Hz Refresh Rate (if you don’t know what these terms are, just know they represent the current gold standard in display technology)
  • A TV like this from Sony or LG would easily cost upwards of Rs. 30000
  • It is a new model, released in January 2019.
  • Over whelming positive reviews
  • Comes with wall mount stand
  • Amazing value for money


  • It’s not a Smart TV, it’s an old fashioned one.
  • It is not HEVC x265 compatible, so if a video has .ac3 sound codec, only the video will be played with no sound.
  • Some complaints about Sanyo customer service. There network is not as wide or reliable like LG or Samsung

Performance Review:

I started this article by pointing out that Sanyo is a Japanese company not a Chinese one. People have certain conceptions about Chinese products and tend to stay away of them for large purchases. Sanyo does not fall in that category. The build quality of this TV is at par with the best though it could be better. It does not have the premium feel of let’s say a Sony Bravia TV inspite of the large screen size.

sanyo 43 inch tv

In terms of picture quality this Sanyo TV has a lot of boast about. Full HD, native 1920p resolution, IPS Panels for wide viewing angles, nice refresh rate and plenty of connectivity options. The sound quality at 16W is decent too. It does deliver on all these fronts and makes for an immersive viewing experience. You can attach external speakers to it as well for a home theater experience. If you want to stream online content, you can use Fire TV stick or chromecast to convert it into a Smart TV. There are plenty of options to play around with and get the most of this television.

The final point I want to talk about and the one that makes this television special is the price that it goes for. It would be difficult to even find a 43-inch television at this price, forget about one with IPS Panels and Full HD resolution. If you find another TV with these features please let me know, I’d like to be surprised and proven wrong.

Final Thoughts:

While this Sanyo 43-Inch TV review is not very in-depth, I think it covers the crucial points and gives you a good idea of what you can expect. It should be fairly obvious at this point that I personally love what this television has to offer and recommend it based on my knowledge. It is perfect for people who want all the premium features and large screen size but aren’t very keen on paying Rs.35000 for them.

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