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Haier 6 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (HWM 60-10) Review


haier-6-kg-fully-automatic-top-load-washing-machine-hwm-60-10-reviewFor most people, knowing about Washing Machines doesn’t really help them in their life. They’re something they only have to think about every so often when one needs replacing or when they require an improved model. Well, if now is the time when you’ve got to think about Washing Machines then look no further because i’m giving a series of completely impartial reviews. You’ll read about the negatives and you’ll read about the positives. Ultimately you’ll have information to decide for yourself which machine is right for you. This is the Haier 6 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (HWM 60-10) review.


Haier HWM 60-10 Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (6 Kg, White)

by Haier [Haier]
Rank/Rating: 240779/-
Price: INR 15,990.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-08-14 20:12:00


  • Beautiful Design
  • Fully Automatic
  • Great Spin Speed
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Top Loading



  • 6kg Capacity
  • Few Wash Programs


Special Features


This is one of the nicest designs I’ve ever seen on a Washing Machine. Haier have done an excellent job with the shiny white finish and the control panel located in an easy to reach position on the top at the front. The lid is clear so you can always see inside, and the hose comes conveniently attached to the side ready for connection to your water supply. This design will look supreme in any home.



Most machines come with Capacity’s of 5-12kg. This is on the bottom end of that spectrum so if you have a large family of five or more people then this isn’t the machine for you. For families of 1-4 people it’ll be ok. 6kg machines are also very popular with people who live in small city apartments because they often don’t have a lot of space and machines like this have a small footprint. I’d have liked to have seen a 7kg Capacity here, but nothing is perfect.


Fully Automatic

This is a very reasonable price for a Fully Automatic Machine. Fully Automatics require less effort than Semi Automatics because you don’t have to shift between Tubs before drying. There’s only 1 Tub and it does both the washing and drying. As a result of this, people with hectic work schedules enjoy the use of Fully Automatics, as do stay-at-home mothers. You simply set the machine to the program you need, and go do something else. When you return, all of your clothes will be both washed and dried. Maintenance costs are higher on Fully Automatics but they tend to be more reliable


Top Loading

The problem with Top Loaders is usually that they use more water than Front Loaders. This model will still use more, but being Fully Automatic and having the Fuzzy Logic system inside, over-use of water will be less of a problem because of the greater efficiency achieved. We’ll discuss more about Fuzzy Logic further down this article. A major advantage of having a Top Loader is that you can put more washing in halfway through the process and although you have to bend down to pick up laundry before putting in it, they do wash clothes quicker.


Spin Speed

Spin Speed is the amount of revolutions per minute your Washing Machines Drum makes. The higher the Spin Speed the quicker your clothes will dry. The maximum spin speed here is 1000Rpm which is excellent and the highest you’ll get for this kind of price. Given the fact that many machines range from 740-840Rpm this machine comes highly recommend for those who live fast-paced lifestyles.


Fuzzy Logic

Great Inclusion. Fuzzy Logic saves you time because you don’t need to go into a wash program. It will weigh your clothes and determine for you the time needed, the amount of detergent required and the amount of water you’ll need for the best wash. Its presence on this machine means the Haier HWM is very convenient, given that Fuzzy Logic adds to the ease of operation you already get from a Fully Automatic. It should be pointed out however that Fuzzy Logic is not an ever present technology like for example 6th Sense is. It needs to be chosen either on its own as in conjunction with another program for it to work.


Wash Programs

There are six, so not as many as on most machines although you do get all the most-used programs like: Heavy, Delicate, Normal, Extra Rinse and Spin. There could have been more and there is a noticeable absence of fabric-specific programs. Fuzzy Logic slightly makes up for this but the lack of Wash Programs remains the only disappointment on an otherwise great machine.


User Experience

Understanding rpm’s is key to getting the best out of your machine. 1000rpm is the maximum your machine will function at. So, if you’ve selected a Heavy wash program without Fuzzy Logic to regulate depending on weight, you’ll get 1000rpm throughout the dry. This is due to the fact that machines dry at the same number of revolutions as they wash. So a more delicate wash will reduce the number of rpm’s. Make sure that when you are doing a more delicate wash you allow enough time for yourself to be in the house when the process in complete, because it’ll be slower than when you’re doing a heavy wash.

Don’t pack clothes into the washer. Leave a bit of space and even if you need to do two washes, you’ll notice the improvement in quality. Packing washing machines full the capacity can damage clothes and will certainly produce noticeably worse results.



The lack of Wash Programs somewhat lets the design down because overall it’s a great machine. Very reasonably priced for a Fully Automatic, and when you add Fuzzy Logic to that you further your ability to be water efficient. The Spin Speed is excellent and it looks great. The Haier will wash clothes to a extremely high standard and although the Capacity is only 6kg, I think the majority of buyers will be urban dwellers who like the ability to wash and dry in the same Tub.

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    How many shirts, T-Shirts, Jeans, Bad sheets etc. can be washed at once.



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